Big Dave Big Dave Reniers (born 1969) began playing harmonica at the age of 14. A few years later he got in touch with blues music listening to harmonica-players such as William Clarke, Kim Wilson, James Harman, etc..

He formed “the Dizzy Dave Band” when he was seventeen and they played steadily for about eight years.

Learning more and more about the old-school blues he wanted to play forties and fifties style and so co-started “the Electric Kings” in 1994. This band knew a lot of recognition in Europe with their mixture of Swing, Jump and Chicago-blues.

The last few years you could also hear Big Dave play as a sideman in “the Elmore D. band” (pre-war blues with a 21st century approach).

Influenced by all the great harp-players (both Walters, both Sonny Boys, G. Smith,...) Big Dave plays a fat-toned, straightforward harp while singing with a strong relaxed voice.
picture by Tamara Galle
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