Team is Full
We are no longer recruiting, our team is full and
we are ready to join PMMFL, please idle in our channel:
#BorntoDestroy on Quakenet

Need a HWGuy
Our team is full now, accept for one HWGuy, if you are a full-time HW then please drop into our channel on IRC #BornToDestroy and pm Luciano our GameFreak

New members !!
Let's welcome our 5 new members: Destin, DarkieJ, theme, elvis and BiFtEcK

Server is Online
our new server is online now the IP is =
Server name = !!! >> [B2D] Born 2 Destroy


Welcome to the new rising FF clan [B2D] Born To Destroy.
Born to Destroy is a new Fortress Forever clan by GameFreak and "Lucky" Luciano.

We are currently recruiting all classes, offence as defence, if you are intrested please hop into #BornToDestroy on Quakenet.

Our Server will be online very soon, so we can start practices and maybe we already start with some Friendly Wars.

We will join FF leagues. Probaly PMFFL , NTFCL and WPTFCL .