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     Picture taken in November 04. Click to enlarge 
  Welcome to Villa Monica, a site dedicated to my doll house. Here you'll read 
  everything about my hobby, which in fact is a combination of all of my other 
  hobbies and which has developed into a passion, even a life's work. 

  About a year ago my husband and I started building the house on the basis of 
  a drawing, which didn't exactly turn out to be a picknick. Click on the house 
  to find information on ideas, materials, methods, etc. You can have a look at 
  how the house looks today under pictures and there's also a news section, in 
  which you can follow how the building is coming along. Later on you'll also 
  be able to have a peek at the rooms separately. 

  Feel free to send all feedback, suggestions, questions, etc. to I'd also be very grateful if you signed my guestbook. 

  Hope you'll enjoy your visit! Monique.
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