ANTOON van DYCK         Portrait de Cornelis van der Geest  détail -


   CORNELIS de WAEL             
Le retour du Fils Prodigue
dessin à la plume -


The Jean-Paul Meulemeester Gallery does researches systematically on works acquired, that belong to individuals or Museums
These researches often clear on very detailed studies that can be a useful contribution in art history Thus, the discovery of a portrait of the Flemish school of the XVIIth century, belonging to a private collection, painted in grisaille, was the opportunity of a deepened research in the archives of the city of Antwerp.  In fact, this work was listed there clearly and described under the name of Antoon van Dyck in two inventories of Alexander Voet, a 17th century engraver and collector ! Thanks to this discovery, one can reconstitute the pédigrée until this day and proved that this grisaille was the portrait of the famous collector Cornelis van der Geest and the preparatory skech for the Paulus Pontius'engraving. It was also the opportunity to put the question so controversial of grisailles painted by this artist.

The survey of a rare drawing by Cornelis de Wael, a remarkable Flemish artist, intimate friend of A.van Dyck and who lived in Genova, was the starting point of a research on his work and to make the inventory of it.
Inventories of Antwerp Collectors and Amateurs of the 17th.century, preserved in the Archives of the City of Antwerp, constitute an important source for the art history.
We translated some Inventories  from the old Flemish in French and tempted to put in interrelationship works described with those that are known to us today in the private and public collections.
The Flemish artist of the 17th.centtury, David Teniers II the Younger is well known of a large public. Yet, one will note that, put apart of numerous different studies, it only exists little of monographs nor no recent Catalogue Raisonné dedicated  to this artist

David Teniers II the Younger - The Ball Room
A Family Party (detail)   Provenance : Duc and Duchess de Berry - oil on panel - dated 1647

  Our personal contribution consisted in the first publication of   the " Genealogy of the Taisnier'Family alias Teniers " as well as of a " Research on Familie's Portraits in the work of David Teniers II the Younger ". It has been completed by a " Critical Analysis of some works by David Teniers II the Younger exhibited  in the Royal Museum of Fine arts of Antwerp in 1991"



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