ENISA published a report presenting aspects of QSCD certification and QTSP supervision to identify the way to combine respective elements therein, in line with the eIDAS requirements. This report seeks to assess standards CEN EN 419 241-2 and CEN EN 419 221-5:2018 so that they could be referenced in an amended version of CID (EU) 2016/650. 14.12.2018

SEALED is a member of the International Mutual Recognition Technical Working Group (IMRT-WG), lead by the Keio University and presented at the 7th International Cybersecurity Symposium, in Keio (Japan). 28.11.2018

You will find hereafter links to all currently adopted secondary legislations under the eIDAS Regulation (EU) 910/2014.

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03.09.2019, New York, USA: After Dubai, Tokyo and Mexico, we attended and were active at the 4th ETSI Workshop on Globalisation of Trust Services for North American stakeholders, at the EU Delegation to UN Delegation office in New York.

25.09.2019, Berlin, DE: We will attend and be active at the ENISA Trust Services Forum 2019.

26.09.2019, Berlin, DE: We will attend and make a presentation at the CA Day 2019.

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