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Alex vs JeF





         How did you start spinning/dj-ing?

We were both djís on our own turf, and we decided to join forces, so we could offer to the public the same beautiful sounds that can be found in the most trendy places in Europe (Berlin, Frankfurt, London, Ibiza,Ö)
Alex, an electro/techno dj, and JeF, who preferred tech house Minimal sounds, formed a dj duo, bringing both of their unique styles into one booming musicstyle.

        Which djís/producers are your big examples or influenced your style and Music?

JeF : in the beginning, I was mostly influenced by artists like Josh Wink, Richie Hawtin and many house djís from Chicago and the American west coast. I remember an incredible dj set from Ricardo Villalobos at Fabric London in 2003. The minimal sounds were a new love story for me. Some time later, after some visits to DC10 in Ibiza, artists like Loco Dice and Luciano defined my style more clearly.

Alex : I was immediately submerged in the ę underground Ľ environment, where music is more of an experiment, rather than entertainment. Subsequently, Iíve always had a taste for dark and mental music, of which my first influences were Jeff Mills, Manu le Malin and Dave Clarke.


        Which is your best memory in your dj career till now? Which party (parties) or places you will never forget?

We recall many marvellous parties like last December at Pulse Factory for the Afterclub Party. We made the warm up downstairs and many friends came earlier to support us. After 3 records, the dance floor was crowded with an amazing atmosphere! We hadnít expected such a big crowd!
We love parties where we can play what we want, and the crowd shows you that they love the things you play!


        Which is your worst memory in your dj career?

Certain parties where some people ask you to play something you donít have in your repertoire, or if the crowd doesnít react to your music the way youíd like them to! Fortunately, such parties are very rare!


        What more would you like to realise in your dj career and what are the plans for the future?

Play in Germany in places like Panorama Bar, Watergate or Cocoon club. Maybe itís a dream but according to us, playing at Time warp is a must for a dj.
In order to evolve in a positive way, weíre going to launch a production with a friend, and of course weíll keep you posted on the process


        Which tracks are your all-time favourites? Can you give us your personal top 3?

JeF :
Lemon 8 : Model 8

Derrick May : string of life

Kaskade: itís you itís me


Alex :

Jam & Spoon - Odyssey To Anyoona

Total confusion - A homeboy, a hippie & funki dredd

Shadowlands terrorist Ė Standind strong


        And what is your current top 5 for the moment?

JeF :
Kabale und Liebe & Daniel Sanchez : Mumbling Yeah (Loco Dice Remix) (Remote Area)
Joke : backroom (white)
Schneider, Galuzzi : Albertino (Cadenza)
SIS : La Garua (Cecile)
Popof : stereos & such

Alex :

Gaiser: Wet contents

Dominik Eulberg: Libellen wellen

Matt john: Olga dancekowski

Adam Beyer: Swedish Silver

Red Robin & Jacob Hilden: Tails Ep


        When you would be at a deserted uninhabited island with only one track, which track would that be?

Maybe Rolando: Jaguar because it represents many things for us.
But I have a question for you: is there a turntable on that island??? (lol)


        On Friday 14th of  March youíre coming to Avelgem to play in Belfunk for the first time @ Coco and Tom Dť Noís Birthday Edition! What do you like about this party concept? And what can we expect from Alex and Jef that evening? 

For us, Belfunk really means a lot. Itís an honour to be able to play for your birthday.

Belfunk is a type of place we would really like to play at : thereís a good crowd, and the atmosphere is great!

Be prepared for a dynamic dj set, based on German sounds. Weíve got a big selection of surprises set up for you, so you can expect a mix of tech house and electro minimal, which will ensure a maximum of ambiance on the dancefloor!
And also, donít forget : the ambiance isnít only on the dancefloor, but also behind the turntables!


Thank you Alex and Jef for this interview and Iíll see you the 14th of  March @ Belfunk for an unforgettable night!


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