Quality Management Systems

ISO 9001, GDP EU or other standards are leading many companies to that higher level of quality awareness and related compliance.

Having fragmented documents and processes in place is not sufficient to pass an audit to be acredited.  There are some steps to take where we can guide you in.  

Building a clear and efficient Quality Management System (QMS), will bring you to that extra level.

But before you start !!  

Do not just setup a quality system for the sake of it.  You should first create awareness and knowledge on what it will bring to your company.

High level KEY steps.

- Create knowledge and awareness.

- Re-assess/ re- confirm strategy of the company

- Perfrom gap/fit excercise comparing reality with the ISO, GDP EU or other applicable guidelines.

- Writing of Quality Manual

- Writing of applicable Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and potential related Work Instructions (WI)

- Training of people

- Continuous re-assessing QMS

Contact us if you need help on setting up your QMS.

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