Hacked Extensions

This page lists extensions I hacked to make them compatible with SeaMonkey. Thanks go to Philip Chee for the assistance he provided when I had questions, and when there were possible improvements for the extension's code for improved SeaMonkey compatibility. I especially needed help on the two first extensions I tried to hack.

Tab X

This extension adds a close (X) button on each tab.

Download Tab X 0.9.2


Some people prefer to download the video instead of streaming it from YouTube, Google Video, etc. With this extension, you can finally do that. You'll need to have xSidebar installed, as it relies on a Firefox-only function that xSidebar implements.

Download VideoDownloader 1.1.1


I don't have an account on GameFAQs, but this extension is supposed to improve the user experience on the site. The author has a descriptive screenshot of the extension in action. The options dialog requires xSidebar.

Download GameFOX TK

Paste Email

Need to paste your e-mail address often? Then this is the extension for you. Note that it can be used for any long string of characters that you need to paste often.

Download Paste Email 2.1.2

Sun Cult

I can only quote the extension's AMO page here: Worldwide Sunrise, Sunset, Twilight, Moonrise and Moonset Times. You'll need to have xSidebar installed, as it relies on a Firefox-only function that xSidebar implements.

Download Sun Cult 1.0.20061106

FareCompare (FareFirst)

Monitor the fares of this company for your selected flights.

Download FareCompare 0.9

Back to Top

Adds "Back to Top" and "Go to Bottom" buttons, context menu and Go menu entries. Especially useful for long pages. The options dialog requires xSidebar.

Download Back to Top 3.2.1


This basically acts like a manual and extendible version of SeaMonkey's own Form Manager.

Download Formfiller 0.3


Basically the graphical interface of about:cache. I not only made it compatible, but also hacked in menu entries for SeaMonkey so you can reach its interface and settings without pasting URLs in the location bar. You'll need to have xSidebar installed, as the settings window relies on a Firefox-only function that xSidebar implements.

Download CacheViewer 0.3


A full-featured weblog editor for your browser to use for your Performancing weblog.

Download Performancing 1.3.5


Start the extension, and tooltips will appear when you mouse over page elements, denoting the HTML tag used, and id, class and style used.

Download Aardvark 2.0

GameFAQs Toolbar

Offers a toolbar with menus that make accessing the message boards and other user areas on GameFAQs much easier.

Download GameFAQs Toolbar 0.93

Open in browser

Want to open a file in the browser, but it won't let you because of a wrong MIME type or because it doesn't know how to handle it? Now you can tell SeaMonkey to open it anyway, and as the content type that you want.

Note: This extension was ported by Stanimir Stamenkov. I'm just hosting it.

Download Open in browser 1.0

Save As Image

This extension lets you save a page or frame as image. The options dialog requires xSidebar.

Download Save As Image 1.044


An image browser to insert images, mainly smileys, into your e-mail. The options dialog requires xSidebar.

Download mailTagger 1.5


An extension to customise the Google search engine interface.

Note: this extension was ported by Jaisen. I'm just hosting it.

Download CustomizeGoogle 0.55


This extension acts as an online drive that lets you use your Gmail Space for file storage.

Download Gspace 0.5.6

Show Image

Allows you to reload a broken image through a context menu entry instead of reloading the entire page.

Download Show Image 0.4.2

Clone Window

Clones the current tab's history into a new window or a new tab depending on which you are creating a new one of.

Download Clone Window 0.2.8

Mouseless Browsing

Adds IDs next to links and form elements so you only have to type one to get to a link or form elements, allowing browsing without a mouse.

Download Mouseless Browsing 0.4.1

View Cookies

Adds a Cookies tab to the Page Info window that allows you to view which cookies the website has stored on your computer and to manage them.

Download View Cookies 1.6


Adds a search bar. This is the Personal Toolbar version, hacked by ZonkSJx.

Download EasySearch 0.983

Display Mail User Agent

Adds an icon next to the mail headers to represent the mail application that the sender used to send the e-mail. You need either Mnenhy or Enigmail installed for this to work. Hacked by Jaisen.

Download Display Mail User Agent 1.2


With this you can recover the tab you last closed. This is an old version hacked with the author's help to make it compatible with SeaMonkey again.

Download undoclosetab 20051204


Quickly need a disposable e-mail address for some pesky site that requires user registration just to view their content? This extension integrates this functionality in your context menu, offered by the trashmail.net service.

Download Trashmail.net 1.0.8

Draw a box with the right mouse button over links to open them in tabs, windows, copy them to clipboard, or bookmark them.

Philip Chee helped a lot with the port, and wants to note the following:

Download Snap Links 0.0.4

Titlebar Tweaks

Allows you to easily change the text in the window title bar.

Download Titlebar Tweaks 1.8.0

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