Frequently Asked Questions end up here. This page also applies to Mozilla.


Q: My bookmarks and settings are gone! How do I get them back?

A: When SeaMonkey loads your profile, which is where your bookmarks and settings are stored, it places a file named parent.lock in it to mark that it is in use. This file is deleted when you close SeaMonkey. If SeaMonkey is improperly closed, often because of an operating system crash, the file is not deleted, and the next time you launch SeaMonkey it will think that your profile is in use and will create a new one for you with default settings. If you encounter this, with SeaMonkey closed, open your profile folder, and delete the parent.lock file.

Q: How do I get a "Home" button on the nagivation toolbar?

A: Install the Home Button extension.

Q: SeaMonkey won't download anymore! I get an error. How do I fix this?

A: This is most likely bug#180672. To solve it, go into the Help menu, and choose Plug-ins. What this does is refresh a corrupted compreg.dat file. So, if this method doesn't help, close Mozilla/SeaMonkey, go to its program folder, open the components folder, and delete the compreg.dat file.

Q: How do I uninstall extensions?

A: There are three ways.

Q: I'm getting a strange error on the bottom of the browser interface: <menuitem id="menu_HelpPopup_reportertoolmenu". How do I get this to go away?

A: This is caused by a bug in the Website Reporter extension shipped with SeaMonkey which causes it to fail to select the locale. It often happens if you are using a language pack other than en-US, the default. The only way to get the error to go away is to remove the extension. Follow the instructions for uninstalling extensions detailed on the same page.