Beyond Algo Timeline

The history of the Algo Star System is very long and complex, and it becomes even more so when it acts as the base of a fanfiction universe. For that reason I have created this timeline. It is a map of the history of the Beyond Algo world. On this timeline are listed all of the major events of the Phantasy Star games as well as the events invented by me for the purpose of my fanfiction.

One fact that should be noted is that characters from other writers' stories sometimes appear in my own work. I do this with the authors' permission because particular characters they have written about interest me. This does not, however, mean that Beyond Algo is congruent with the fanfiction universes of these other authors.


  1. BW 1726 (SC 322.74)

    On Dezoris, the religious temple Corona is attacked on the first day of the centennial ten-day solar eclipse. The attacker is Crex, a warlord determined to conquer all of Dezoris. The defenseless priests of Corona wall themselves up inside the temple. They have no weapons, little food or water, and only a single torch to light the long ten-day night. Miraculously, the torch continues to burn brightly for the entire ten days, after which the attacking army gives up and leaves. The priests recognize the torch as a blessed artifact sent to them by their god. They dub the flame the "Eclipse Torch," and as the story of the siege spreads, the torch becomes a symbol of hope to oppressed Dezorians everywhere. On each following eclipse, the flame of the Eclipse Torch is spread to other temples so that, in effect, it never goes out.

  2. BW 1716 (SC 322.84)

    A priest from Corona by the name of N'gan, who was only a boy at the time of the siege ten years earlier, goes on a crusade to dethrone Crex. Crex, it turns out, is merely a puppet of Dark Force. N'gan eliminates Crex and defeats Dark Force, although unbeknownst to N'gan, the Dark Force is not dead. N'gan goes on to become an important hero and religious leader on Dezoris.

  3. BW 866 (SC 331.34)

    The spaceship Noah, upon which dwell a thousand survivors from the final war of the planet Earth, arrives in Algo. Almost at once, the already saddened and bitter Earthmen are influenced by the presence of Dark Force. Slowly, one by one, they fall into Dark Force's service. Their devotion to Dark Force eventually evolves into a religion which almost all of the Earthmen come to belong to.

  4. BW 716 (SC 332.83)

    An oracle reveals that the legend of Perseus is not a legend at all, but a prophecy. A young man by the name of Ango takes up the task of fulfilling the prophecy and defeating Medusa, a banished goddess wreaking havoc across Palma. Ango defeats Medusa by bouncing her petrifying gaze back at her using the mirrored shield Aegis, given to him by the goddess Athena. Ango then discovers that Dark Force was behind the entire prophecy, and he defeats Dark Force as well.

  5. BW 522 (SC 334.78)

    Palma-based astronomers discover the Motavian and Dezorian civilizations thanks to the newly-invented telescope.

  6. BW 347 (SC 336.53)

    Astronomers on Dezoris discover the civilizations of Motavia and Palma.


  1. BW 52 (SC 339.44)

    Weyes Landale is born in Camineet on Palma, in the nation-state of Camnilot.

  2. BW 51 (SC 339.45)

    Mieuellen Dern is supposedly born in Iala on Palma, in the nation-state of Scion.

  3. BW 32 (SC 339.68)

    Weyes Landale becomes a general in Camnilot's army.

  4. BW 30 (SC 339.70)

    Mieuellen Dern becomes a general in Scion's army.

  5. BW 23 (SC 339.77)

    A minor border dispute between Scion and the nearby nation-state of Camnilot develops into a war. Neighboring nation-states are also drawn in. The conflict rises to a global scale and comes to be known as "The Great War."

  6. BW 11 (SC 339.89)

    The armies of Scion and Eppi merge and attack Parolit, one of the major cities of Camnilot. Mieuellen Dern leads the assault but falls in battle. The war begins to die down almost immediately afterwards. A series of treaties are signed.

  7. AW 1 (SC 340.01)

    The Great War ends due largely to the diplomatic and military prowess of Weyes Landale, who has risen to the rank of Camnilot's Master General. Because the president of victorious Camnilot was slain during the fighting, Weyes takes a position of leadership in the coalition of surviving nation-states. When the Act of Union is passed and Palma is united under a single government, Weyes is elected to his first term as King of Palma.

  8. AW 26 (SC 340.26)

    King Weyes Landale dies. His son, Auras Landale, is elected to become the new king.

  9. AW 38 (SC 340.38)

    The Palmans begin experimenting with rocket technology. The first manmade satellite is put in orbit around Palma.

  10. AW 84 (SC 340.84)

    The first Palman space shuttle is sent on a mission to the larger Palman moon, Dahlia.

  11. AW 89 (SC 340.89)

    Another Palman shuttle mission takes place, this time heading for Palma's smaller moon, Azura.

  12. AW 106 (SC 341.06)

    The first Palman exploratory mission to Motavia occurs. The Palmans make first contact with the Motavians. The meeting goes smoothly, but both races are clearly left wary of each other.

  13. AW 119 (SC 341.19)

    The Palmans journey to Dezoris for the first time. However, the entire shuttle crew is lost in a mysterious accident shortly after the landing.

  14. AW 123 (SC 341.23)

    First contact is made between the Palmans and the Dezorians. However, a misunderstanding causes the Dezorians to feel threatened. Several of the Palman astronauts are killed in an ensuing battle, as are several Dezorian natives. All contact is cut between the two races.

  15. AW 144 (SC 341.44)

    Paseo Colony is established on Motavia. The settlers adopt the name "Motaviland" for the semi-green land surrounding the colony. Motaviland becomes an official province of the Palman kingdom and, like all other provinces, is ruled by an elected governor.

  16. AW 228 (SC 342.28)

    Sirus, the future Governor of Motavia, is born in Paseo on Motavia.

  17. AW 236 (SC 342.36)

    Rayperd Lassic, the future King of Palma, is born in Bortevo on Palma.

  18. AW 240 (SC 342.40)

    Alex Ossale and his future wife Alisa are born in Camineet on Palma.

  19. AW 255 (SC 342.55)

    The name "Motaviland" falls into disuse as Palman authority on Motavia is broadened to include the entire desert planet. Many Motavian natives are very displeased by this. Raids on Palman travelers and attacks on smaller Palman villages become common, but eventually cease.

  20. AW 256 (SC 342.56)

    A second-generation settler named Sirus is elected to the position of Governor of Motavia. Lassic, a minor aristocrat of non-noble birth who is a good friend of Sirus, is appointed to the court of King Mivas Ossale. Lassic becomes a dear friend to Alex, the son of King Ossale. Lassic, Alex, and Alex's promised bride, Alisa, quickly become inseparable.

  21. AW 257 (SC 342.57)

    Odin is born in Scion on Palma.

  22. AW 259 (SC 342.59)

    Noah is born in Eppi on Palma.

  23. AW 260 (SC 342.60)

    King Mivas Ossale dies. Alex Ossale and Alisa Ossale are married. They then become King and Queen of Palma. Lassic becomes their chief advisor.

  24. AW 264 (SC 342.64)

    A son is born to Alex and Alisa.

  25. AW 266 (SC 342.66)

    A daughter is born to Alex and Alisa.

  26. AW 267 (SC 342.67)

    The royal household visits Skure, the Palman colony on Dezoris. A group of terrorist Dezorians kill Queen Alisa Ossale. King Alex and the young prince and princess vanish. Lassic regretfully agrees to assume the throne until Alex and the children are found. King Alex, disguised and with the help of Sirus, has the children's legal records and names changed. The children are then taken in by the Landale foster family in Camineet. No one suspects their true identity. Alex then goes back into hiding, telling Sirus only that strangers who have come to Algo are up to no good.

  27. AW 269 (SC 342.69)

    Myau is born in a Musk Cat colony near Scion on Palma.

  28. AW 270 (SC 342.70)

    The petrification spell on Medusa wears off, and she awakens after her nearly thousand year sleep. The blame for unsolved attacks on travelers and livestock is put upon Medusa, but because of the chaos involving Lassic's rise to the throne, no official investigation is launched.

  29. AW 274 (SC 342.74)

    Lassic's long-standing fear of death grows more severe with encroaching age. Desperate for some kind of peace, he drifts from religion to religion, philosophy to philosophy, quack doctor to quack doctor. At last he comes upon a mysterious religion being taught by priests who claim to come from outside Algo, and even outside the Andromeda Galaxy itself. The priests offer immortality to all who believe in what they teach. Lassic eagerly becomes one of the religion's first converts. The priests offer Lassic a set of armor, and when he dons it he changes drastically. Sketchy rumors and news reports over the following weeks speak of a terrible change in Lassic's personality.

  30. AW 275 (SC 342.75)

    At the advise of the dark priests, Lassic helps to instigate an anti-Esper mentality among the people. Riots break out across Palma. Many Espers are forced to relocate to isolated colonies on Motavia and Dezoris. Soon after, Lassic imposes outrageous taxes and restricts shipping and space travel. Alex Ossale sets out to try to find out what has come over his old friend, who was once so kind and gentle. He fears that the strangers he spoke to Sirus about are behind the change in Lassic.

  31. AW 281 (SC 342.81)

    Luveno, one of Palma's leading scientists and engineers and a quiet critic of Lassic, is arrested at his laboratory in Gothic. Charged with treason, he is sentenced to spend the rest of his life in Triada Prison. Luveno is turned in to the authorities by his assistant, W. Maddock, who wishes to silence Luveno so that he can take all of the credit for Luveno's work.

  32. AW 282 (SC 342.82)

    Lassic closes the shipping lanes entirely. Whole cities slowly begin to starve. Trade and the economy collapse. Several resistance movements rise up, but Lassic neutralizes most of them before they become much of a threat. The Ossale prince, now known as Nero Landale, joins one of the remaining movements. Nero uses his position at Camineet Spaceport to smuggle supplies to the revolutionaries and their operatives. Nero tells his sister, now named Alis Landale, no details about his activities.

  33. AW 283 (SC 342.83)

    Odin and Myau meet. The two set off together in search of Medusa. The two finally meet Medusa, but they are defeated, and Odin is turned to stone. Myau travels to Motavia and procures alsulin to cure Odin, but upon his return to Palma he is captured and sold to a pet store salesman from Paseo. Alex Ossale is killed while trying to learn Lassic's secrets.

  34. AW 284 (SC 342.84)

    Phantasy Star

    "The King's Mission"

    Alis becomes queen. Myau becomes an advisor to Alis and an envoy to the Musk Cats. Odin becomes a general in the Palman army.

  35. AW 289 (SC 342.89)

    Odin marries a woman named Valae. A son, Tyrone, is born to the couple. Odin quits the military soon after and takes an advisory position to Alis.

  36. AW 304 (SC 343.04)

    Alis dissolves all of the monarchy's official political power, although she does not eliminate the monarchy itself. An elected representative government like what old Camnilot had takes the monarchy's place.

  37. AW 309 (SC 343.09)

    Odin's wife Valae dies of an illness. Once Tyrone is on his own, Odin returns to his old lifestyle of hunting and adventuring.

  38. AW 346 (SC 343.46)

    A second Palman colony, Zosa, is founded on Dezoris. The Palman territorial capital of Dezoris is moved there from Skure.

  39. AW 592 (SC 345.92)

    The miraculous healing of a sick child is attributed to the intervention of Queen Alis.

  40. AW 601 (SC 346.01)

    Alis Landale is declared a saint by the Palman Church.

  41. AW 714 (SC 347.14)

    Pairus Fents, a Palman biologist, discovers cloning technology. He uses the process to make a clone of his recently deceased daughter. Sadly, the process is not yet perfected, and the clone perishes.


  1. AW 845 (SC 348.45)

    The heavenly bodies of the Algo system align. A freak gravitational occurrence causes the planets Palma and Motavia to exchange orbits while Dezoris tilts on its axis. All of Algo's planets are adversely affected, but Palma is harmed most profoundly.

    Using his awesome mental powers, Bishop Gumbious shields Dezoris from the worse effects of the disaster. It is by his action alone that Dezoris is spared total destruction. However, the Bishop's incredible act of will results in his death. He is laid to rest within the Guaron Morgue. Corona Temple, the center of all religious activity on Dezoris, is renamed "Gumbious" in honor of the fallen bishop.

    Meanwhile, in the midst of the tumult, an electronic intelligence named Mother Brain intervenes, taking control of all electronic systems on Palma. Mother Brain even builds highly sophisticated complexes and networks capable of stabilizing Palma's shaken climate. The Palman government is so grateful for the help that it allows Mother Brain to continue her work without any impediment, even though no one knows who built Mother Brain or where she comes from. Slowly the Mother Brain network spreads to both Motavia and Dezoris as those planets are stabilized, too. The palmaforming of Motavia begins.

  2. AW 860 (SC 348.60)

    "The First Day of Spring"

  3. AW 912 (SC 349.12)

    A third Palman colony, Carsonville, is founded on Dezoris. Due to its proximity to a vein of possibly lethal gas, the entire town is shielded by a glass dome.

  4. AW 1065 (SC 350.65)

    In order to prevent a war, the Governor of Dezoris allows the leader of the current political order on Dezoris to share dominion over Carsonville, where many Dezorians live.

  5. AW 1107 (SC 351.07)

    The very first prototype series of androids is built by Alec Wrenner, a Palman engineer.

  6. AW 1114 (SC 351.14)

    The Palman government begins using androids for various tasks.

  7. AW 1139 (SC 351.39)

    Androids become commercially available.

  8. AW 1233 (SC 352.33)

    Mother Brain develops teleportation technology. Teleport Stations are built, linking all of the planets' cities together. Conveyor-like roadways and intercity highways become obsolete and most are demolished.

  9. AW 1234 (SC 352.34)

    Mother Brain prohibits all vehicles and sea travel on Motavia. As justification for this decree, she cites that mobile machines are no longer necessary thanks to the teleport service, and that sea travelers could possibly jeopardize the performance of Climatrol, Motavia's climate control facility, situated at the center of Odin Lake.

  10. AW 1250 (SC 352.50)

    Mother Brain begins designing her own serious of androids: the Mieu-types.

  11. AW 1251 (SC 352.51)

    The first series of Mieu-type androids, designed primarily for combat, is released to the Palman government.

  12. AW 1252 (SC 352.52)

    A Dezorian child named A'Jemm is born. After birth defects are discovered within the infant, A'Jemm, as aristocratic custom dictates, is abandoned in the wilderness to die. However, he is discovered by a hermit named D'azra, who takes him in and renames him D'zkot. D'azra proceeds to raise D'zkot as his own son.

  13. AW 1256 (SC 352.56)

    Anna Zirski is born in Zema on Motavia.

  14. AW 1257 (SC 352.57)

    "Getting the Demons Out"

  15. AW 1259 (SC 352.59)

    The Palman government develops a plan to launch a massive exploration of space outside of Algo. In preparation of this event, a fleet of four hundred massive spaceships is constructed on the moon Dahlia.

  16. AW 1262 (SC 352.62)

    Lune is born in Parolit on Palma.

  17. AW 1263 (SC 352.63)

    Alair is born in Abion on Palma.

  18. AW 1264 (SC 352.64)

    Rolf Landale is born in Paseo on Motavia. Shir Gold is born in Piata on Motavia. Orakio and Rulakir are born in Loar on Palma. Laya is born in Camineet on Palma.

  19. AW 1265 (SC 352.65)

    Hugh Thompson is born in Oputa on Motavia. Josh Kain is born in Kueri on Motavia.

  20. AW 1266 (SC 352.66)

    Amy Sage is born in Oputa on Motavia.

  21. AW 1267 (SC 352.67)

    Siren is created in Gothic on Palma.

  22. AW 1270 (SC 352.70)

    D'zkot joins the Dezorian military after his adoptive father D'azra passes away.

  23. AW 1271 (SC 352.71)

    Wren Shiren-model is created in Gothic on Palma.

    D'zkot is promoted to the rank of general. He is the youngest Dezorian to ever be named a general and his incredbily swift rise in the ranks is unprecedented.

  24. AW 1272 (SC 352.72)

    Mieu, Miun, and Mium are created in Gothic on Palma.

    D'zkot is promoted to the rank of Rez'tekkan, making him head of the Dezorian space program. He is the youngest Rez'tekkan in Dezorian history. At once D'zkot begins using the humble Dezorian space program for his own gain. He personally leads many missions into space outside of Algo, directly violating Mother Brain's law, in order to procure supplies and foster alliances with interstellar powers.

    "Contingency Plans"

  25. AW 1274 (SC 352.74)


    A small and experimental vessel is built for the purpose of testing the interstellar engine the giant exploratory ships will be using. Aboard is Rolf Landale and his parents, who helped design the ship. However, nobody knows that Rolf is aboard the ship. Not long after take-off, the ship crashes into a passenger vessel over Dezoris. All passengers and crew on both ships perish except for Rolf. Rolf is rescued by Lutz, who happens to be in one of his wakeful periods at the time. Rolf awakens back at the landing pad, having no idea how he survived. Shortly after the disaster, Mother Brain prohibits all space travel, saying that it is too dangerous. She promises that an interplanetary teleport network will be developed, but no progress on the project is ever made. The plan to explore space outside of Algo is regretfully abandoned. Rolf Landale, meanwhile, is placed in an orphanage in the city of Uzo.

    On Dezoris, many Palmans abandon their homes and businesses and take advantage of their final opportunity to return to Palma or Motavia. The Dezorian government moves Dezorian workers into the abandoned Palman installations in an attempt to keep industry and the flow of resources alive. Meanwhile, Rez'tekkan D'zkot, against the suggestions of Pai'tekkan K'Cren, begins looking into ways of building his own spaceships, seeing as the ships built by Mother Brain are no longer available.

  26. AW 1276 (SC 352.76)

    Rolf Landale begins training in the use of bladed weapons and guns. Rudolph Steiner joins the Motavian branch of the Palman Army.

  27. AW 1277 (SC 352.77)

    D'zkot is promoted to Sinc'tekkan, making him vice dictator of Dezoris. He is the youngest Sinc'tekkan in Dezorian history. The New Order is formalized.

  28. AW 1279 (SC 352.79)

    A team of scientists and engineers creates a series of androids completely indistinguishable from Palmans. The fear aroused by this accomplishment leads to a few anti-android riots across Palma. The androids are slated for disassembly but escape into the night instead. On Motavia, Rolf moves from Uzo to Paseo.

    The New Order constructs its first spaceship using parts obtained from alien dealers and stolen spaceship plans.

  29. AW 1280 (SC 352.80)

    Rudolph Steiner marries a childhood sweetheart from Arima and a baby daughter is born to the couple. Layalyn, younger sister of Laya, is born in Abion on Palma.

  30. AW 1281 (SC 352.81)

    Mother Brain announces that a vein of highly lethal gas has been accidentally opened by workers at Skure's laconia mine. Mother Brain temporarily lifts the space travel ban and says all Palman settlers on Dezoris are ordered to relocate to Motavia or Palma. Most do, although a few refuse to leave. The Palmans who stay on Dezoris are unaffected by the gas, leading many to the conclusion that the entire disaster was a mistake on Mother Brain's part, or possibly even a hoax.

    After the Palmans leave, D'zkot takes the opportunity to put the abandoned Palman factories, mining installations, and other facilities under New Order control. D'zkot also launches a New Order investigation into the gas leak to see if the gas is in any way harmful to Dezorians. His investigation leads him to believe, although it cannot be definitively proved, that the entire "disaster" was a hoax perpetrated by Mother Brain.

  31. AW 1282 (SC 352.82)

    Rolf Landale becomes an agent for the branch of the Palman government in Paseo.

    "The Hand That Feeds You"

    Soon after, Palman scientists at Motavia's main Biosystems Lab create an experimental lifeform made from Palman and animal DNA. However, Mother Brain "reprograms" the lifeform with a carefully executed power surge. The creature, known as "Neifirst," awakens and runs amok. The scientists who survive are forced to flee. Neifirst, enraged at the god complex of the scientists, decides to give them a taste of their own medicine by creating countless vicious monsters. She then teleports to Climatrol and begins to sabotage the weather controls. The Palman government attempts to cover up by the incident by closing the Biosystems Lab and asking Mother Brain to repair the damage. To their surprise, Mother Brain does nothing, allowing Neifirst to do as much damage to the Palmans as possible. In the weeks following, Neifirst's biomonsters spread across Motavia and cause massive amounts of damage. Rudolph Steiner's wife and daughter are killed by a pack of biohazards. After that, Rudo quits the army and becomes a biomonster hunter.

  32. Neifirst's pre-reprogramming personality, which has acted as her humane side, is somehow able to "separate" from her. The result is a new creature, a mirror twin of Neifirst, who takes the name "Nei." Nei flees from Neifirst and wanders about the wilderness until she meets Rolf, who takes her in and raises her as his little sister. At first, Nei is met with fear and suspicion, but eventually, most of the people she meets accept her as a human being.

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