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Minimax water extinguisher

The Minimax Apparate Bau Gesellschaft was founded 1901 in Berlin by Wilhelm Graaff. He worked as a salesman for a french extinguisher company, and noticed the flaws and disadvantages of these extinguishers, and decided to invent his own.
Together with Ing. Hans Mikorey they applied for a patent for a conical soda-acid fire extinguisher in december 1902.

The 'Spitztüte' as it was soon named, was model of steel plates, leaded against corrosion. A small bottle containing sulphuric acid, was help in a cage, this was broken by the plunger when knocked on the floor. The extinguisher itself was filled with a water and 'soda' solution. The acid reacted with the soda in the water and produced instantaneously CO2 gas, forcing the fluid out of the body. This pressure gave the extinguisher a stream of 12m far or 8m high, and the chemical reaction released also about 60l of CO2 gas.
The simple design and effectiveness made this extinguisher an instant success. After only one year, already 50.000 were produced in the small factory in Berlin.
The name of the extinguisher itself was found by a contest between employees : Minimax, a Minimum of effort and weight, a Maximum of efficiency..

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