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Welcome to the online fire extinguisher museum !

This site is a resource for all fire extinguisher collectors or enthusiasts, and tries to provide some background information on the different types and makes of extinguishers.

All questions and requests for information and dating of fire extinguishers, can be posted on the forum. If you would have any more information on fire extinguishers, on companies or general info, please contact me, or post it on the forum.

News & updates

11/8/2005 History section has been completed.
12/8/2005 Forum is up and running !
22/8/2005 Redesigned navigation, site is also HTML4.1 W3C compliant


All text and information appears in this window, navigation trough the site is possible via the categories on top, or the index marker in this text block.
Certain words will appear in bold, if you put your mouse over these words, you'll see the accompanying picture on the left.

Have fun !

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