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The Radiostars@Gentsefeesten
It rocked, it was great.
Well only good news.
My lovely wife will give birth to
a son in August.
I picked up my music.
"The Radio Stars" 80's band
the official inheritors of
De Petit Beurrekes are on.
Check tour dates on
Little Noah is growing...
He gets all the possible virusses :)
He's so sweet.
My music is ill :)
I will start playing again this month
My lovely girl give me the nicest present ever. A sweet boy called Noah.
Yes, he takes all our time but...
He will be our musical inspiration from now on...
I became a father on june 2nd.
Waw, it is the best thing that ever
happened to me.
My girlfriend did a great job
I'm really proud of her and my baby
He likes to listen to Toots Thielemans
and he likes it when I play the sax so...
I will start jamming and playing again
this week.
I can't wait to be in the running again
More recordings could come soon
Thanks for checking out my site.
24/07/09 I have been out of the music business
for a while now, since my ear problems.
Luckily my girlfriend organized
a little reunion with friends.
It was great, we jammed
I had a great time and saw how much I miss it .
So I picked up the sax again ...
Expect some more from mrsax soon ...
Thanks to my lovely girl.

22/03/09 Bad luck!
Had a barotrauma of the left inner ear!
Just put my music on hold.
No worries, things getting better.
Should be back on track and playing soon again; )
01/01/09 Happy New Year
to all my friends worldwide. Thanks for being who you are and making me enjoy this life. Of course special thanks to my wonderful girlfriend Ellen, love you.
It has been a while since I posted some news.
Things are going well.
I' m a very passionated diver and love my job as a musician end an web -application developer.
I travelled a lot lately for my music and met interesting people.
I will be participating in a huge music-project which might change the way live performances are today.
As soon as everything is set , I will let you know more.
It will take some time but...
Soon I will create a new 'dynamic' site so you will all be able to interact with me.
So exciting things are up, keep in touch...

We just got confirmation for 'Spouwen on the Rocks'. One of my favourite concerts to play. Glad to be there again, see you in guys.
The concerts of 2007 were all great.
And I'm very excited about the changes going on right now.
The Petit Beurrekes are a real hit.
On the last concert we really showed what we were made of.
Come and see us ,check the link on links' page.
We will be performing more in Holland and Germany now.
So ...
It has been quite a year, lot's of changes in my bands and life. Still working on this site. Expect some video in a good format this time. I do my best but my days are now consumed with studying PHP. I must admit I get good support from my lovely girlfriend. Thank you Ellen, you mean so much to me.

De Petit Beurrekes are preparing their new show and outfits...
Come see it on september 9th on "knal festival".

Soon I will have an interactive page on this site to which my students and collegues will have acces so we can share necessary documents for administration, notes etc...
The link will be found under "Links" and then you will see "enter" and "registration".
Of course only people who register will have access to it after I will have given them a password by sms!

In a next stage i will have my own guestbook and RSS rss logo feeds. So one can keep track of my latest adventures ;)