Whippet Mk I

Whippet Mk I : front right view thumbnail Whippet Mk I : front right view thumbnail Whippet Mk I : front right view thumbnail
Whippet Mk I : left viewthumbnail Whippet Mk I : rear left top view thumbnail Whippet Mk I : left top view thumbnail
Whippet Mk I : rear left view thumbnail Whippet Mk I : figurine details thumbnail Whippet Mk I : rear right view thumbnail
Whippet Mk I : rear right top view thumbnail

This model is based on the Ehmar Kit. It's mainly buit OOB. It depict a Whippet Mk I probably used by 6th Battalion of RTC in late days of the WWI (probably during the Hindenburg Line battles or during the battle for Le Cateau). Actually, the real Whippet is conserved, in its original state, in the Brussels Army Museum .

This model is painted in a brownish green similar to the more know US olive drab.

To paint this model, I used Vallejo acrylic colours diluted with a mix of water (60 %), isopropyl alcohol (40 %) and a dash of wetting agent (Ilfotol from Ilford). Next I futured entirely the model and, after drying, would put a wash of Vallejo brown glaze in recessed lines and around reliefs. I decaled the model and next, varnished it with a mix of Future and Gunze Sangyo matting agent. Finally, I used mixes of white, Naples yellow, Mars Brown and black oil colours to drybrush the model and to add hue variations on main panels.

Tracks are painted with dull red colour.  Next, I applied a wash of brown glaze and, when drying was done, drybrush tracks with silver rub'and buff.

Markings come from the kit. Contrary to the precedent Ehmar kits, I've no decal problem. I used just a few droplets of Microset and Microsol to decaling, because decals are among the thinnest I've ever seen.

After this, I varnished the model with a semi gloss varnish made with Johnson Clear (our Belgian Future)and a dab of matting agent from Gunze. Next, I practised a long stage of "micropainting", adding the oil and rust stains, the rain and mud wheatering.

Finally, I made the base with Polyfilla 2001 filler (its grainy appearence is ideal to make grounds and roads) painted with different oil colours.  I dusted liberally the road and the logical place on the tank with a red brown earth pastel chalk to merge the tank in its environment. I figured the mud with the same pastel chalk powder mixed with Future. I added an Ehmar infantry figure as a visual reference.

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