Renault FT17 tank

Renault FT17 : front right view thumbnail Renault FT17 : left close up view thumbnail Renault FT17 : front left view thumbnail
Renault FT17 : right view thumbnail Renault FT17 : rear left view thumbnail Renault FT17 : left view thumbnail
Renault FT17 : rear left view thumbnail

This model is based on the old Matchbox Kit.  It's built OOB.  It depict a generic FT17 used by the Frenchs or the Americans in 1918. In 'Tanks and Trenches' edited by David Fletcher in 1994, reprinted by Grange Books in 1996, I've a picture that depict the same tank, used by the Americans ( the 8th Battalion and 2 companies of the 13th Battalion), at Hamel, in May 1918.

It's painted in one of the many schemes seen during this period. You can find a mix of yellow ochre and green, yellow ochre and brown, yellow ochre, green and brown, plain ochre or plain grey (this late mainly for the radio version). If two colo(u)rs are displayed, they can be surrounded in black or not.

To paint this model, I used Vallejo acrylic colours (yellow ochre and medium green) diluted with a mix of water (60 %), isopropyl alcohol (40 %) and a dash of wetting agent (Ilfotol from Ilford). Next I futured entirely the model and, after drying, would put a wash of burnt Umber in recessed lines and around reliefs.

I decaled the model and next, varnished it with a mix of Future and Gunze Sangyo matting agent. Finally, I used a mix of white, Naples Yellow and black oil colours to drybrush the model and highlight details

Tracks are painted with a rust colour.  Next, I applied a wash of burnt umber and black oil colour mixed together and, when drying was done, drybrush tracks with silver wax.

Markings come from an old Alby sheet.  I used only a little amount of Microset and Microsol to decaling, due to the fact that their decals are very thin.

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