Tank Mk IV (female)

Renault 45 mm : right view thumbnail Renault 45 mm : front view thumbnail Renault 45 mm : left view thumbnail
Renault 45 mm : front right view thumbnail Renault 45 mm : rear view thumbnail Renault 45 mm : front left view thumbnail
Renault 45 mm : top right view thumbnail Renault 45 mm : top left view thumbnail

Maybe 10 years ago, I bought a Retromodels resin model of this truck in 1/72. Poorly molded, crude parts, wrong wheels, it was a waste of time and money to built it. I stocked it on my loft (with maybe 600 or 700 other models).

Early January 2004, I retrieved it on one shelf under a big coat of dust :-(.  I opened the box and I made same observations as 10 yera ago, but although basic, plans are not so bad.

After a brief research, I found a couple of good pictures. Due to the lack of a good model, with these photos and the plans, I decided to make an entire scratchbuild.

Firstly, I made a new set of plans. After this, I scratchbuild each piece, using mainly plastic sheet of 10 thou., Evergreen rods, strips and tubes, bits of fiberglass and copper wire. I turned the gun on a Dremel and each tyre was build using the boiled water method. For the fine details, I used thin strips of 2 and 5 thou plastic sheet. Each rivet (there is 200 or 300 of them)was embossed on the back of the pieces using a pin. The entire model include more than 300 parts ; each rear wheel consist of 38 parts

After its construction, I painted the whole thing in a medium blue gray Vallejo paint. The tires are painted in a greyish sand to figure the aspect of the natural rubber used to make them.

The lantirns are painted in silver and I put a dash of yellow to figure the bulb. After that I put a drop of Micro Kristal Clear to figure its glas.

I used a wash of mixed black and brown oil paints (Windsor & Newton) to emphasize the details as hinges and recessed panels. After that I drybrushed the models with my current mix of withe, Naples yellow and blue black oil paints to enlighten the prominent details.

The base was made from a sheet of styrofoam engraved with a pencil and painted in diffferent tones of greyish yellow, greeen and brown. Next I fixed the model on its base ans dusted the whole thing with a mix of cream and light brown pastel chalk to figure the chalky dust encountered in the North of France.

The French soldier is an old Matchbox figurine of their B1 bis and FT17 set slightly reengraved to enhance their details.

This model took a first place and gold medal in its category during our last Belgian IPMS National Convention.

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