Whippet Mk.I

These pictures are taken at Royal Army Museum, Brussels, Belgium, during one of my numerous visits to this marvellous museum. They were here for your personnal use only. If you wish to use these photos for any commercial purpose, please contact me at philippe.spriesterbach@skynet.be

This Whippet Mk I was probably used by 6th Battalion of RTC in late days of the WWI (probably during the Hindenburg Line battles or during the battle for Le Cateau).  This tank is in its original state (as many other pieces of our beloved museum) and it was never repainted or restored.

Those pictures provide many details of this tank and must be used in conjunction with the Whippet info page or the walkaround that you shall find on the "Landship site".


Turret's interior

Turret's exterior

Exterior's details

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