WWI Real Tanks, Guns & Softskins

This page is devoted to pictures of WWI real Tanks, Guns and Softskins.

These pictures are taken during my numerous visits to the Royal Museum of the Army in Brussels. If you have the time, visit this fabulous museum. Its WWI collections are really incredible : many of the exposed items are rare, original and left in their original state. If the air section is well know with more than 100 aircrafts from early days to the present, armament and uniform collections are among the richest in the world. More than 30 guns, howitzers and mortars are shown. Three tanks (in original state) are shown in same location : Renault FT 17, Whippet MK I & Tank Mk IV.

Pictures on the next pages were here for your personnal use only. In absence of other specific measures on the next pages, if you wish to use these photos for any commercial purpose, please contact me at philippe.spriesterbach@skynet.be.

  • "Whippet Mk.I" This galery show 33 pictures of the original Whippet Mk.I of the Brussels's Royal Museum of the Army.
  • Hanriot HD1 picture ornament

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