Nieuport 23 during its restoration

These pictures are taken at the Royal Army Museum, Brussels, Belgium by Frédéric Liefferinck,Daniel Clamot and me.  They were here for your personnal use only.  If you wish to use these photos for any commercial purpose, please contact me at and contact too Frédéric Liefferinck

This aircraft is under restoration and these pictures show the very good work accomplished by David Piron, noncommissioned officer detached to the Brussels Air Museum, and its team.  After my last visit (May 2005) to the MRA, where I met David Piron himself, I can tell you that the Nieuport 23 will be visible for the public in a few months (probably in end 2005). The team encountered a problem with adherence of the paint used and the entire aircraft shall be repainted.



Other main components

Wings, rudder & tailplane

Cockpit & instruments


Engine & other components

Synchronization gear

Ammunition box

Machine gun


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