These pictures are taken at Royal Army Museum, Brussels, Belgium by Frédéric Liefferinck, Daniel Clamot, other members of the BARMS and myself. They were here for your personnal use only. If you wish to use these photos for any commercial purpose, please contact me at and contact too Frédéric Liefferinckx

This aircraft is under restoration and these picture are taken after its stripping down. At present (feb 2003), I've no possibility to tell you when this restoration will be done.

This aircraft was used by the Belgian Aéronautique militaire just after the first world war. It's difficult to tell you what is its serial number. After its stripping down, we found five different serial numbers on different parts of this aircraft. It was probably rebuilt with remains of different aircrafts found on Belgian aerodromes just after the EOW.


Fuselage & structural components

Other main components

Wings & ailerons


Instrument's panel & instruments

Control column & rudder bar

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