Autocanon Renault 45 mm

Maybe 10 years ago, I bought a Retromodels resin model of this truck in 1/72.  Poorly molded, crude parts, wrong wheels, it was a waste of time and money to built it.  I stocked it on my loft (with maybe 600 or 700 other models).

Early January 2004, I retrieved it on one shelf under a big coat of dust :-(.  I opened the box and I made same observations as the first time, but although basic, plans are not so bad.

After a brief research, I found a couple of good pictures.  Due to the lack of a good model, with these photos and the plans, I decided to make an entire scratchbuild.

Firstly, I made a new set of plans.  After this, I scratchbuild each piece, using mainly plastic sheet of 10 thou., Evergreen rods, strips and tubes, bits of fiberglass and copper wire.  I turned the gun on a Dremel and each tyre was build using the boiled water method.  For the fine details, I used thin strips of 2 and 5 thou plastic sheet.  Each rivet (there is 200 or 300 of them)was embossed on the back of the pieces using a pin.  The entire model include more than 300 parts ; each rear wheel consist of 38 parts.

Below, you can find some pictures of the result, before its painting

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