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Meeting with Karen Rychlewski, Lance Krieg and Tom Morgan

After Telford 2004, Karen, Tom and Lance made a trip in Europe. Their first step was for us, Belgian members of the WWI modelers mailing list and for the Royal Army Museum. Normally, we must have been three Belgian members : Daniel Clamot, Frédéric Liefferinck and me. But, for professionnal and health reasons, Fred was not with us. He was very disappointed of this.

For us, it was a real joy to meet whith other members of our community. Because it was the first time that we meet personnally with one of them and, even if we discuss regularly on the Net, nothing is better than a real discussion with friends around a good beer.

Here after, you can find a brief report of our meeting.

At 10 AM, we have the pleasure to meet Karen, Tom and Lance in front of the Aviatik C.I in the MRA WWI galery. After a warm welcome and a little gift for our friends, here, I discuss with Tom and Lance from my current project : the Brumowski Albatros D.III 153.52

Lance, Tom and me discussing about my Brumowski's D.III

Karen keep a close eye on these discussion.

Karen keep a close eye on these discussion

Around the Mercedes D.III

Our team around the Mercedes D.III engine Another picture of the Mercedes D.III engine

We took a lot of photos during the whole morning. Here, our group is in front of the 1913 Cesar Bataille. From left to right, Lance, Tom, Karen and Daniel.

Our team in front of the Cesar Bataille 1913

At noon, we took a light lunch and one or two good Belgian beers. Lance, me and Tom after the first beer.

Lance, Tom and me after her first Belgian beer

Same with Karen and Daniel

Another picture during our lunch, with Daniel and Karen

The Nieuport 23 is always on restauration and not visible in the public area. I asked the permission to open the work area to our friend. We had these permission and for more than one hour, we took photos of the magificent work made by David Piron ans its team. Jan (one team member) was so kind that he explain us the whole process of these restauration. A sample of this incredible work is the entire reconstruction of the main right side using exactly the same technique as the original or the Clerget total refection. This engine was tested and it's fully operational.

The whole group around the Nieuport with Jan explained the engine restauration.

Our group around the Nieuport

An other view of the same moment.

Another view of the same moment

Same with Karen and Lance.

Karen and Lance looking rhe Clerget engine

Me at work.

Me photographying the Nieuport's inside

Jan explain the composition of the cockpit pading and of the main engine panellacing.

Jan explaining the cockpit padding's composition

Same as previous.

Same as previous on another angle

Tom at work.

Tom taking Nieuport's photos

Tom take a photo of the engine. Beware of its next Nieuport model.

Tom taking photos of the Clerget engine

Me at work. More details for the site and for the 3D rendering of Mark Miller.

Me taking more photos for the site

In the second work area where the LVG is under restauration.

Our group around the LVG C.VI in the second workshop area

Same as previous. Karen viewed from the observator's cockpit

Karen viewed from the observator's cockpit

After this, Daniel was in obligation to leave us. We finished the visit of the museum and went to the hotel. We took one beer in a pub and at 7 PM, went to a small restaurant in the Brussels heart. We eat specialities of my country as steak coocked with Belgian cheeses or fish braised with endives in cream or mussels cooked with Belgian beer, endive and cream. After this, we went to the hotel and I leaved our friends with a bit of regret. The journey was so short and we have too many thing to share.

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