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Meeting with Pedro Soares this 15/01/05 at MRA Brussels

During December 2004, Pedro Soares contacted me. He wrote me that he would be in Brussels for three days in January. After I've contacted my Belgian mates Daniel and Fred, the Belgian contingent was complete to meet him in our beloved Museum. Philippe Lambillon, a friend of Daniel, was also here with his son, for a guided tour in the WWI area.

I knew Pedro virtually since its beginnings on the WWI mailing list and it was a real joy to see him personally and to share our passion. We had many dicussions about real aircrafts in the museum, restoration of our Nieuport and LVG C.VI, modelling techniques, Belgian beers and many others subjects.

This journey was a real joy for all of us, but so short. I hope that we shall meet Pedro again, maybe in Lisbon or during the next Telford.

Here after, you can find a brief report of our meeting.

At 08.45 AM, I picked up Pedro in his hotel and we go to the Museum. At 09.30 AM Daniel, Philippe and his son rejoin us for a magnificent journey. After a warm welcome and little gifts exchange, we begin our visit. Here, Pedro is already photographying the Voisin LA III, during this time I discuss with Philippe and his son.

Pedro phtographiyng the Voisin. Philippe, his son and me in discussion

Here, we discussed about the Voisin tyres. Are they from the WWI era or recent ?

Pedro and me discussing about the Voisin's tyres

Another photos taken around the Voisin. Beware of next Pedro's Voisin!!!

Pedro Photographying the Voisin La III Pedro Photographying the Voisin La III Pedro Photographying the Voisin La III

At 10.00 AM, Fred join us, now the Belgian contingent is complete. Just after its arrival, Pierre Cryns, the Belgian specialist of the pre-WWI area (He had the wonderful pleasure to meet personally Baron Pierre de Caters, the first Belgian aviator and many other illustrious figures of our aviation). We have a long discussion and after that, Pierre rejoin its BARMS's mates they worked on the LVG C.VI and many other aircrafts as a Dragon Rapide, Boston, ... Here, Pedro, your servant, Fred and Pierre Cryns

Meeting between Pedro, Fred, Pierre Cryns and me

Pedro, Fred and Pierre

Pedro, Fred and Pierre

At noon, we took a light lunch (ham and chees sandwiches) and one or two good Belgian beers, discussing modelling techniques (I had two of three of my models). Sadly, I've no photos of this event in the event. After our lunch, I had to let Pedro for a moment, because I've to meet with Yves Duwelz and many other gents about the Nieuport's restoration. Pedro and Daniel may to continue their visit in the museum and take photos of many aircrafts. I must rejoin us about 03.00 PM when Daniel had to go to his home. Here after, a few photos taken during the journey

Fred and Pedro looking at one of Gotha's engines Pedro photographying the RE8 with a little help from Fred Me photographying the Re8

At about 04.00 PM, we leaved the museum, after a good journey. We promised to meet again as soon as possible.

Many thanks to Daniel Clamot for his photos. With many things to discuss, show and explain, I forgot to take pictures of this magnificent event.

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