WWI Aircrafts Models

The next pages show you a number of my models, exlusively devoted to the WWI era.

In the past, I built mainly figurines, tanks of WWII and modern era and, accessorily, aircrafts of the same periods. Michel Lefort, one of my best friends, shown me how to build one of these little, gracious and fragile aeroplanes. As many other modeler, I was feared by the difficulties of the rigging, alignment of two (or more) wings and many other same things.

Michel helped me for my first models. It was a long, tedious and harduous process to finish this fisrt model but after this, I falled in love of these little machines and, more generally, of the WWI era. Since this time, I build almost exclusively this type of models (even if, time to time, I build other subjects).

Each link on this page conduct you to a main page for each aircraft. On these next page, you'll find an explanantion on how I built the model and a range of thumbnails. Click on each thumbnails to view large model's pictures viewed on different angles.

Pictures on the next pages were here for your personnal use only. In absence of other specific measures on the next pages, if you wish to use these photos for any commercial purpose, please contact me at philippe.spriesterbach@skynet.be.

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