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Pigment atelier Kalmthout

Arboretum Kalmthout

Virtueel Kalmthout

Restaurants in Kalmthout

Suske en Wiske kindermuseum te Kalmthout

Special Car Thierry Heirman Autohandel

De natuur van Kalmthout

Kalmthoutse heide

Legenden en sagen Kalmthout

Het Suske en Wiske Museum in Kalmthout

Royal Antwerp Golfclub


Natuurbehoud Kapellenbos

Openbaar vervoer Kapellen-Antwerpen

Park en natuur in Kapellen

Natuurbehoud Kapellenbos

Golfcources Antwerpen

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Provincie Antwerpen

Stad Antwerpen

Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen

Hogeschool Antwerpen

De zomer van Antwerpen

More info about the City of Antwerp Belgium

Not as big as the 'Grand'Place' of Brussels, but certainly as beautiful is the 'Grote Markt' (Town Square) of Antwerp. Here is still the heart of the old city. The Grote Markt is beautifully surrounded by the Town Hall and the so-called houses of the Guilds or corporations. In the background the tower of Our Lady's Cathedral completes the magnificent view.

The houses of the Guilds are unfortunately not the original ones. A large part of the Grote Markt burned down in 1576. Most of the houses were rebuilt afterwards by Hans Vredeman, the town architect, in Flemish Renaissance style. In the 19th century the houses were again renovated. The house number 7 is one of the most beautiful. It was the house of the guild of Archers and is crowned by the statue of St. George. The house number 25 , a reconstruction of a house that used to stand at the 'Meir' is situated on the spot were an Inn used to stand. This Inn was mentioned in the medieval play of 'Marieken van Nieumwhegen'. Nowadays the Grote Markt is one of the most pleasant squares in the city (certainly since traffic has been banned from it). During beautiful warm summer days most people choose this spot to enjoy a refreshing beer from one of the many terraces.



In the middle of the 'Grote Markt' stands the Brabo fountain. The statue was made by sculptor Jef Lambeaux in 1887. According to a legend, a terrible giant, called Druoon Antigoon, lived on the banks of the river Scheldt in ancient times. Whenever sailors on the Scheldt river refused to pay toll to the giant, he punished them by cutting off their hand. A Roman soldier, Silvius Brabo, managed to kill the giant. Brabo cut off the hand of the giant and threw the hand away in the river.


The town square 'Grote Markt' is the most beautiful square of the city of Antwerp as well as the historical heart of it. The most popular square, however, is certainly the 'Groenplaats' (= Green Square). The square used to be a parking lot. But recently, the parking has been built underground, and the Groenplaats is rapidly finding back its charm of old.

On warm afternoons the square can be really packed with people (tourists as wells as Antwerpians) who all enjoy a good beer (or something else) on the numerous terraces.


The Groenplaats is dominated by Our Lady's Cathedral. In medieval times the cemetery of the cathedral was located here. Around the square are numerous restaurants and cafés where many famous artists spent their time. In the middle of the Groenplaats the statue of Rubens can be seen. It was made in 1843 by sculptor Geefs. Very beautiful is the facade of the 'Karbonkelhuis' at number 33. This former 'diamond house' is an example of the Renaissance style. The name of the house is derived from the diamond head decoration at the ground floor.

The right side of the square is dominated by the late 19th century imposing building of the Hilton Hotel. It used to be the 'Grand Bazar', one of theng Belgian department stores.

Much like in most other cities in Belgium, the contrast in architectural styles is not absent at the Groenplaats. The Gothic tower of the Cathedral finds a 20th century answer in the 'Boerentoren'. This tower is the seat of the Kredietbank, one of the important Belgian banks.

It was built in 1930 in art deco style. It is 97 m high and is considered by most as the first 'skyscraper' in Europe. The Antwerpians call it the 'Boerentoren' (= farmers tower) because the farmers were the most important clients of the Kredietbank in the first half of the 20th century.

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COSTA BRAVA (Please scroll down for Barcelona city)

Torroella de Fluvia: Newly renovated18th century house sleeps 8 in 4 bedrooms in the quiet rural setting of a Spanish village. An authentic setting for a holiday in Ampurdán yet only 5km from the beaches. : - Available from 20 Dec. including Christmas and New Year. Good availability including Easter. Ampurias: 2 bedroom village house near beach in delightfully rural setting adjoining Forestry Commission protected landscape, archaeological site Three excellent golf courses near to Ampurias / L'Escala: Torremirona, (near Figueres) Pals, and Gerona. All are highly rated by experienced golfers and offer day facilities. . Now taking bookings for 2007 Roses: 2 bedroom bungalow villa to rent with pool. 2006: No availability, Now taking bookings for 2007. Bay of Roses: spectacular 3 bedroom villa to rent with pool. 2006: - 21st-28th September, 16th December onwards and taking bookings for 2007 Palau: 3 bedroom villa with pool. 2006: Ampuriabrava / Empuriabrava: 3 bedroom Holiday house rental with boat mooring. Very unusual! 2007 Availability remaining Blanes: Villa Cooper Selection of apartments and villas near beach and golf courses Sant Feliu de Guixols beautiful historic town house 4 bedrooms superbly located within 5 minutes walk to the beach and to the town and easy access to Barcelona - one of the webmaster's favourites One of the nicest places on the whole Costa Blanca taking bookings for 2007 Camp dels Pilans: 2 bedroom house to rent in a quiet residential area near the beaches of Ampurias. Taking bookings for Winter and 2007 L'Escala: Selection of apartments and villas with pools near beach and golf courses. Special rates can be obtained for local golf facilities. Accommodation can be found for large numbers of people who wish to travel together but who do not want stay nearby rather than all under the same roof 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, villa with pool Calonge: 3 bedroom villa with pool with stunning views over surrounding countryside between Palafrugell and San Feliu just 3 miles from the coast Bay of Roses: (Canyelles Petites) - Quality 2 bedroom villas with pool, each accommodating 6 persons, stunning panoramic views overlooking secluded beach and one of the webmasters favourites! - FOR SALE nearby in Bay of Roses: (Canyelles Petites) - fashion designer's 4 bedroom villa with pool £500,000 and at Palau a 3 bedroom villa with pool for £300,000 Small Charming Hotels in Spain is a useful site if you just want a night or two or if you want a place that is not listed above.


BARCELONA rental accommodation - apartment sleeps up to 5 in the Olympic Village area. Page has map and photos of the city Apartment for sale in BARCELONA CITYwith air conditioning and heating in the Gothic quarter of the city Apartment in BARCELONA with air conditioning and heating ZONA ALTA Via Augusta, accomodates 6 Persons. Other apartments are also available from here in the best areas of Barcelona. taking bookings for 2007. Selection of other apartments to rent in Barcelona The proximity of some of these Barcelona apartment rentals enables larger groups of people to go together without living on top of each other. Rent villas or apartments in Barcelona and the Costa Brava Rent villa or apartment in Spain Costa Brava Buy villas and apartments for sale around £300,000
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