Welcome, visitor, to the website of the Anarcho-syndicalist Commune of Feianova. The Commune of Feianova is a micronation, a virtual nation on the internet. Please take a look around on our website to find out more. Also, visit our forums, where citizens discuss various aspects of the nation, and have fun.

Below, you find 5 sections. Each section contains different information; the "information" section contains general info. "government" contains info about our government, or rather, no government... "exterior affairs" is a section for ambassadors and diplomats of other micronations to read. "culture" is about our culture, obviously, of which we have more than you'd expect from a young nation. "forums" is a link to the national ezboard forums, where citizens discuss everything. It is so to speak the core of our nation.
A quick overview of Feianova *
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All info that doesn't fit in the other sections *
Info on our form of government, "Anarcho-syndicalism" *
Our government in practice *
Common Principles and Guidelines *
Foreign diplomats are welcome here *
In Feianova, diplomacy is handled on a case by case basis *
On our national symbols... *
Our language... *
And our history. *
Center of activity *
Where everything is discussed by the citizens *
Core of the nation *