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India : newspapers, magazines, news updates
India Today
 Times of India
 The Hindustan Times
 The Hindu
 All India Internet Radio in Hindi (real audio)
 BBC World Service in Hindi (real audio)


The INCAP Bureau is associated with :

General information on India
India Local Time
India weather update
Figures, statistics, demography
2001 Census of India

India -Politics
Indian Parliament
India's E-government

BJP Home page
Congress Party Home page
National Anthem
Biography of Great Indians
Indian Armed Forces

India - Economy
The Indian Roepie market
Currency convertor

Travel information
Lonely Planet travel guide
Information on Delhi
Air India
British Airways
Indian Airlines (domestic)
Jet Airways (domestic)
Indian Airline Hijacking

Download de formulieren van de Consular Wing in Brussel
Visum nodig voor India ?

Dagelijks nemen 11 miljoen Indiers de treinÖ
Ook een ticketje kopen ?
Indian Railways

Indian Languages
Hindi Language Resources
Hindi fonts

Indian TV - Bollywood
Zee TV
Top 10 Hindi Movies
National Film Development Corporation
All India Radio

India : Sports
Hindu Sportstar magazine
CNN Cricket News

Indian Food & Cooking
India Food

Try Indian food in Belgium,
En verlos jezelf van je curry idee
Indian Restaurants in Belgium, een arbitraire lijstÖ

Or go and try the Indian food in New Delhi
Culinairy guide of Delhi

Indian music (MP3)
ChaiTime music
New Hindi Songs

Links to more links
Wereldwijd magazine & links

 Links to University of Leuven sites

Anthropology Department home page
INCAP home page

Anthropology Courses :
Womenstudies Seminar on-line
Lawacculturation Seminar on-line
Anthropology courses by Prof. Devlieger

Anthropology Alumni Association
Africa Research Center
Etnographica : texts & video's produced by  students.

Hungry ? Alma Restaurants in Leuven


Pages on Dowry Related Violence

INCAP pages on Dowry
International Conference in Delhi 2001
Shamin's Paper : Dowry revisited
'Anju' Music on Dowry abuse
The Chill of Kerosene
Khoj links dowry pages
Understanding hinduism and ...women

5th International Conference on Dowry 2001

Conference Home Page on INCAP
Article on Conference Review
University of Maryland (USA)
Q Web (Sweden)
Harvard Gazette
Son preference in India
South Asia Table Talk : 5th international    posting by incap
Voice of America News

 India United e-zine
[ temporarily down - sorry ]

India and iNteRneT

Send a postal letter to a friend or relative in India via
e-mail ! A remarcable service !

Links to articles on Internet in India.

Cyberanthropology Links
portal on the shakeout, meltdown and doom of Dotcoms. Including the 'flop tracker' & 'layoff tracker'

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 General Links to Anthropology sites

Ancient Indus Valley Civilisation
Huntarian Museum Virtual Tour

My lecture at SOAS & more links

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Human Rights Watch
Grameen Bank - microcredit
Aung San Suu Kyi - nonviolent movement for human rights and democracy in Burma(Myanmar)
Bonded Liberation Front
Bandhua Mukti Morcha



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