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De divisie Brandenburg : De groei van bataljon tot divisie

To outline the growth of the growth the Brandenburg division from battalion strength to panzergrenadier division below are listed three order of battles:





800th Construction Training Battalion

Hauptmann Hippel


HQ Company

Oberleutnant Kutschke


1st Construction Training Battalion

Oberleutnant Kniesche

Innermanzing, Wienerwald

2nd Construction Training Battalion

Hauptmann Fabian (Oberleutnant Dr. Hartmann)


3rd Construction Training Battalion

Hauptmann Rudolf


4th Construction Training Battalion

Oberleutnant Walther



Further units were also added within the battalion and later integrated within the unit:

Motorcycle platoon

Oberleutnant Erwin Graf Thun

Paratrooper Platoon

Leutnant Dlab

North Platoon (Recovery Platoon)

Leutnant Zülch

West Platoon

Fw. Kürschner

Southeast Company



By the end of 1941 the 800th Special Purpose Construction Training Regiment Brandenburg order of battle was as follows:

Abteilung von Koenen "Afrika"
Nachrichten-Verbande z.b.V. 800
Sonderverband-Hollamn z.b.V. 800
2nd Regiment Brandenburgz.b.V.800
1st BATTALION Hauptmann Walther
1st Company Oberleutnant Babuke
2nd Company Hauptmann Dr. Hartmann
Oberleutnant Pinkert
3rd Company Oberleutnant (from 1942 Hauptmann) John
4th (light) Company Oberleutnant Kürschner
2nd BATTALION Major Paul Jacobi
5th Company Oberleutnant Zülch
6th Company Oberleutnant Bansen
7th Company Oberleutnant Kutschke
Oberleunant Oesterwitz
8th Company Oberleutnant Grabert
3rd BATTALION Hauptmann Jacobi
9th Company Oberleutnant Kniesche (Outside Moscow)
10th Company Leutnant Kriegsheim (wounded)
Hauptmann Auch
11th Company Position still not filled
12th Company Oberleutnant Schader
15th (Light)Company Leutnant Trommsdorf
Below is the order of battle after the battalion was expanded to divisional size. This expansion came about after the decision was taken to employ the Brandenburgers in a conventional military role rather than their usual special operations type role. They were to be based in Berlin. The order of battle stated below is from late 1942.
Divisional Commander : General von Pfuhlstein
First General Staff Officer: Major Frankworth
Ia: Hauptmann Wüllberg (until 31/5/43)
IIa & Division Adjutant Hauptmann Pinkert
Signals Battlion
Brandenburg Hauptmann Elster
1st Company Hauptmann von Koehnen
2nd Company
3rd Company
4th Company
1st Company
2nd Company
3rd Company
4th Company
Based in Langenargen, Lake Constance
1st Company
2nd Company
3rd Company
4th Company
Based in Stendal
Sub units: 1st Company Brandenburg Signals Battalions
1st Battalion Rittmeister Plitt
1st & 3rd Companies Hauptmann John
1st & 3rd Companies
Legionnaire Company
2nd Battalion: Hauptmann G. Pinkert
5th-7th Companies Oberleutnant Rosenow
III Battalion Hauptmann Frobose
Oberleutnant Wandry
9th-12th Companies
2nd BRANDENBURG REGIMENT Oberstleutnant von Kobelinsky
Oberstleutnant Pfeiffer
Regimental Units: 1st Company Brandenburg Signals Unit
1st Battalion Hauptmann Weithoener
1st-3rd Companies
2nd Battalion Hauptmann Oesterwitz
5th-7th Companies
3rd Battalion Hauptmann Renner
9th-11th Companies
3rd BRANDENBURG REGIMENT Oberstleutnant F.Jacobi
Regimental Units:1st Company Brandenburg Signals Battalion
1st Battalion Oberstleutnant Kriegsheim
1st-3rd Companies
2nd Battalion Hauptmann Bansen
5rd-8th Companies
3rd Battalion Hauptmann Grawert
9th-12th Companies
4th BRANDENBURG REGIMENT Oberstleutnant Heinz
1st Battalion Hauptmann Hollmann
Hauptmann Gerlach
1st-4th Companies
2nd Battalion Hauptmann Dr. Hartmann
Oberstleutnant Lau
6th-8th Companies
3rd Battalion Hauptmann von Koehnen
11th-13th Companies
14th Company (later redesignated 16th Company) Oberleutnant Hettinger
15th Light Company (Parachute Company) Oberstleutnant Oschatz
Brandenburg Training Regiment Major Martin
I Battalion (based at Brandenburg-Havel)
II Gebirgs Battalion (based at Baden nr Vienna)
"Alexander" Legionnaire Battalion
1st (White) and 2nd (Black) Companies
On 20 December 1944 the Brandenburg Division was (as a result of an order from Hitler) transferred to the newly formed Großdeutschland Panzer Korps. As from this date the Brandenburg Division ceased to exist with the exception of the Kurfurst Regiment. Every member of the Brandenburg Division was given the choice to be transferred to another unit. Many did and joined Otto Skorzeny's Waffen SS commando units. The division, when incorporated into the Großdeutschland Panzer Korps was made up of the following units.
DIVISION ESCORT COMPANY Oberleutnant Mischkeres
Anti-tank Battalion Oberleutnant Königstein
Leutnant Kass
Armoured Reconassance Battalion Major Bansen
Oberleutnant Mücke
Rittmeister Frey
Felgendarmerie Company Leutnant Feldmüller
1st Battalion Hauptmann Graf Rothkirch
2nd Battalion Major Waldeck
3rd Battalion Hauptmann Speilvogel
(armoured artillery battalion)
1st Company Oberleutnant Bank
Leutnant Heckthorn
2nd Company Oberleutnant Schlosser
Leutnant Clemeur
3rd Company Oberleutnant Laurenz
Leutnant Prieß
SUPPLY COMPANY Hauptmann Michaelis
Oberartz Dr. Baum
RUB COMPANY Hauptmann Schmidt
Leutnant Baumgarten
Hauptmann Franke
Bicycle Battalion Sturmbannfürer Graf Elgoffstein
2nd BATTALION TRAINING REGIMENT Hauptmann von Einem-Josten
Adjutant Leutnant Gerving
Leutnant Mohrmann
Battalion Medical Officer Oberartz Dr. Fischer
Adjutant Leutnant Gerving
Battalion Medical Officer Oberartz Dr Hofmann
Battalion IVa: Oberzahlmeister Kohl
Battalion V K: Technical Engineer Ramboldt
9th Training Company Leutnant von Bülow
10th Training Company Leutnant Feindaur
11th Training Company Leutnant Becker
12th MG Training Company Leutnant Steimann
Special Purpose Training Company Leutnant Braun
1st Conversion Training Company Oberleutnant Kappel
2nd Conversion Training Company Oberleutnant Horstemeke
Trained Replacement Company Oberleutnant Hälbig
1st (Light Infantry) Regiment Oberst Brückner
Major Wandrey
Major Bansen
1st BATTALION Oberleutnant Hebler
Hauptmann Froboese
Hauptmann Schuster
2nd BATTALION Hauptmann Hunold
Rittmeister Sandmeyer
5th Company Oberleutnant Zülch
Oberleutnant Steidl
6th Company Oberleutnant Röseke
7th Company Oberleutnant Geisenberger
8th Company Oberleutnant Grabert
Leutnant Prohaska
1st Half-Company of the 8th Leutnant Haut
Leutnant Gruber
2nd Half-Company of the 8th Leutnant Hiller
Leutnant Prohaska
3rd BATTALION Hauptmann Wandrey
Company Commanders Leutnant Klaus
Leutnant Krosch
Leutnant Bürck
2nd (Light-Infantry) Regiment Oberstleutnant Oesterwitz
Regiment Adjutant Hauptmann Vincenz
Regiment Medical Officer Sabsartz Dr. Backhausen
SIGNALS BATTALION Oberleutnant Schmalbruch
Oberleutnant Brauschmidt
1st BATTALION Hauptmann Steidl
1st Company Oberleutnant Wirth
2nd company Oberleutnant Kiefer
Oberleutnant Gutweniger
3rd Company Leutnant Haut
Leutnant Mark
4th Company Leutnant Esser
Leutnant Langer
5th Company Oberleutnant Gabel
2nd BATTALION Major Renner
Hauptmann Heine
Oberleutnant Afheldt
Hauptmann Zinkel
6th Company Oberleutnant Sautner
Leutnant Maier
7th Company Leutnant Stalf
3rd BATTALION Hauptmann Zinkel
Oberleutnant Auer
9th Company Oberleutnant Planer


Brandenburg Panzergrenadier Division
Order of Battle


Formed on 15 September 1944 from the Brandenburg Division. It was composed of the following:
1/, 2/, 3/1st Brandenburg (mot) Jäger Regiment
1/, 2/, 3/2nd Brandenburg (mot) Jäger Regiment
1/, 2/, 3/, 4/Brandenburg Artillery Regiment
Brandenburg Divisional Support Units
On 13 December 1944 the division contained:
Brandenburg Panzergrenadier Division
Brandenburg Panzergrenadier Division Staff (2 LMGs)
Brandenburg Panzergrenadier Division Staff Escort
1 Machine Gun Platoon (4 HMGs, 6 LMGs)
1 Motorcycle Platoon (6 LMGs)
1 Self-Propelled Flak Platoon (4 2Omm guns)
1 Mortar Platoon (2 80mm mortars)
Brandenburg (mot) Mapping Detachment
Brandenburg (mot) Military Police Detachment (5 L\MGs)
Brandenburg Panzer Regiment
Brandenburg Panzer Regimental Staff
Brandenburg Panzer Regimental Staff Company
1 Signals Platoon
1 Pioneer Platoon
1 Self-propelled Flak Platoon (3 37mm Flak guns)
1 Armoured Maintenance Company
1st Battalion
1 Panzer Battalion Staff (1 LMG)
1 Panzer Battalion Staff Company (12 LMGs)
4 Panzer Companies (17 PzMkV Panther tanks ca)
1 (self-propelled) Armoured Flak Company (3 quad
2Omm Flak guns)
1 (mot) Supply Company (5 kNIGs)
2nd Battalion
1 Panzer Battalion Staff (1 LMG)
1 Panzer Battalion Staff Company (S LMGs)
4 Panzer Companies (17 PzMk I\~ tanks each)
1 (self-propelled) Armoured Flak Company (3 quad
2Omm Flak guns)
1 (mot) Supply Company (5 LMGs)
1st Jäger Regiment Brandenburg
Regimental Staff
Regimental Staff Company
I Staff Platoon (2 LMGs)
1 Signals Platoon (7 LMGs)
1 Motorcycle Platoon (6 LMGs)
1st (half-track) Panzergrenadier Battalion
1 Panzergrenadier Battalion Staff (6 LMGs)
1 (mot) Panzergrenadier Battalion Supply Company (5 L\MGs)
3 (half-track) Panzergrenadier Companies (4 HMGs, 30 LMGs, 2Omm and 2 75mm guns each)
1 (half-track) Heavy Panzergrenadier Company
1 Staff Platoon (2 L\MGs)
1 Mortar Platoon (2 LMGs and 4 l2Omm mortars)
1 leIG Platoon (4 LMGs and 6 75mm leIG)
2nd (mot) Jäger Battalion
1 Battalion Staff
1 Battalion Supply Company (4 L\MGs)
3 (mot) Companies (12 LMGs each)
1 (mot) Heavy Company (12 HMGs and 6 20mm Flak)
1 (mot) Heavy Company (4 l2Omm and 8 80mm mortars)
9th Self-propelled sIG Company
(8 150mm SIG guns and 6 LMGs)
10th (Pioneer) Company (motZ)
1 Half-Track Staff (1 LMG)
1 Half-Track Platoon (6 flame-throwers and 6 LMGs)
1 Half-track Platoon (6 flame-throwers, 1 20rnm and
12 L\MGs)
1 Half-track Platoon (12 flame-throwers and S LMGs)
1 Half-track Platoon (2 80Mm mortars and 2 HMGs)
2nd Jäger Regiment Brandenburg
Regimental Staff
Regimental Staff Company (4 LMGs)
1 Staff Platoon
1 Signals Platoon
1 motorcycle Platoon
1st and 2nd (mot) Jäger Battalions
each comprised of:
1 Battalion Staff
1 Battalion Supply Company (4 LMGs)
3 (mot) Companies (12 LMGs ca)
1 (mot) Heavy Company (12 HMGs and 6 20mm Flak)
1 (mot) Heavy Company (4 l2Omm and 8 120mm mortars)
9th Self-propelled SIG Company
(S I 80Mm SIG guns and 6 LMGs)
10th (Pioneer) Company (motZ)
(18 flame-throwers, 2 HMGs, 12 LMGs, and 2 80Mm mortars)
Brandenburg PanzerJäger Battalion
1 Panzerjäger Battalion Staff
1 Panzerjäger Battalion Staff Battery (1 LMG)
I Sturmgeschütze~tz Staff Platoon (3 StuG)
2 Sturmgeschützee Companies (14 StuG each)
1 (motZ) Panzerjäger Company (12 88mm PAK and
12 LMGs)
1 (mot) PanzerJäger Supply Company (3 LMGs)
Brandenburg Reconnaissance Battalion
1 Reconnaissance Battalion Staff
1 Armoured Car Platoon (3 75mm, 13 2Omm, 16 LMG)
1 (mot) Signals Platoon (7 LMGs)
Armoured Car (half-track) Company (16 2Omm and 25 LMGs)
2nd Half-track Reconnaissance Company (2 75mm,
2 8Omm mortars and 44 LMGs)
3rd Half-track Reconnaissance Company (2 75mm and 7 2Omm, 2 8Omm mortars, 4 HMGs and 29 LMGs)
4th Half-track Reconnaissance Company
1 Staff Platoon (1 LMG)
1 Platoon (6 75mrn and 2 LMGs)
1 Mortar Platoon (6 8Omm and 2 LMGs)
1 Pioneer Platoon (13 LMGs)
1 (mot) Reconnaissance Supply Company (3 LMGs)
Brandenburg Artillery Regiment
1 Artillery Regimental Staff
1 (mot) Artillery Regimental Staff Company (2 LMGs)
1st Battalion
1 (Self-propelled) Artillery Battalion Staff
1 (Self-propelled) Artillery Battalion Staff Battery (2 LMGs)
1 (Self-propelled) Flak Platoon (3 20mm)
2 (Self-propelled) Light Howitzer Batteries (6 lOSmm howitzers inWespe and 4 LMGs each)
1 (Self-propelled) Heavy Howitzer Battery (6
1 50mm howitzers in Hummel and 4 LMGs)
2nd Battalion
1 (mot) Artillery Battalion Staff
1 (motZ) Artillery Battalion Staff Company (2 LMGs)
1 Flak Platoon (motZ) (3 20mm)
2 Light Howitzer Batteries (motZ) (6 lOSmm leFH and 4 LMGs each)
3rd Battalion
1 (mot) Artillery Battalion Staff
1 (motZ) Artillery Battalion Staff Company (2 LMGs)
1 Flak Platoon (motZ) (3 20mm)
3 Heavy Howitzer Batteries (6 150mm sFH and 4 LMGs each)
Brandenburg Army Flak Battalion
1 (motZ) Flak Battalion Staff
1 (mot) Flak Battalion Staff Battery (2 LMGs)
2 (mot) Flak Batteries (6 88mm, 3 2Omm and 2 LMGs each)
1 (motZ) Light Flak Battery
1 (motZ) Section (9 37mm Flak guns and 4 LMGs)
1 Self-propelled Section (3 quad 20mm Flak guns)
1 (motZ) Searchlight Section (4 searchlights)
Brandenburg Pioneer Battalion
1 (motZ) Pioneer Battalion Staff
1 (half-track) Pioneer Battalion Staff Company (12 LMGs)
2 Pioneer Companies (motZ) (2 HMGs, 18 LMGs, 2 8Omm mortars)
1 (half-track) Pioneer Company (2 HMGs, 43 LMGs,
6 flame-throwers and 2 80Mm mortars)
Brandenburg Signals Battalion
1 Armoured Signals Battalion Staff
1 Armoured Telephone Company (11 LMGs)
1 Armoured Radio Company (19 LMGs)
1 (mot) Signals Supply Column (2 LMGs)
Brandenburg Supply Troop
1 (mot) Medical Company (2 LMGs)
1 (mot) Medical Supply Company (2 L~Gs)
1 (mot) Field Post Office
During their formation, on 20 December 1944, the Großdeutschland Division and the Brandenburg Division were merged to form the Großdeutschland Panzer Corps. The 3/1st Brandenburg Infantry Regiment became the 3/ Corps Fusilier Regiment Großdeutschland. The 3/2nd Brandenburg Infantry Regiment was disbanded. The 3/ Brandenburg Panzer Artillery Regiment became the 2/ Corps 500th Panzer Artillery Regiment, the 4th Battalion became the 3rd Battalion and the Brandenburg Panzer Regiment formed a second battalion using the Großdeutschland Sturmgeschütze Battalion. The no Jäger Regiments were redesignated Panzer lager Regiments. The division consisted of:
2/Brandenburg Panzer Regiment
1/, 2/1st Brandenburg Panzer Jäger Regiment
1/, 2/2nd Brandenburg Panzer Jäger Regiment
Brandenburg Panzer Reconnaissance Battalion (forming)
1/, 2/, 3/Brandenburg Panzer Artillery Regiment Brandenburg Divisional Support Units

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