Margaret's Materials - Suppliers of Fine Quality Fabrics

We have recently increased our range to include: Fur Fabric, Fleece, Felt, Lambswool & Wadding as well as continuing to stock a wide range of Canvas, Calico, Hessian & Muslin.

Also Toy Filling which is safe and hygienic to meet safety requirements.

Our fur fabric ranges from basic Fun Fur, through Long- Hair Fur and Teddy Bear Fur, to Luxury Fur for wedding capes etc.

Our Fleece & Felt fabrics come in all shades and are 150cms wide. We also sell felt squares.

We stock 3 different weights of Wadding - 2oz, 4oz, & 6 oz - all 150 cms wide.

All enquiries either by daytime phone on 07947 044 457 or by e-mail: