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Checklist of the Coleoptera: Nomina Pselaphinae Belgica, iteratio 2

Rietje Weiss, Prinsendreef 6-1, Kapellen, B-2950, Belgium
Frans Janssens, Department of Biology, University of Antwerp (RUCA), Antwerp, B-2020, Belgium


A provisional edition of the checklist of Pselaphinae (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) from Belgium based on a literature survey is provided. The list includes the references to the original and several subsequent quotations for all 30 species from our country and a link to their distribution maps on a 10*10 km UTM grid. Missing maps will be provided as soon as possible.


Deze voorlopige uitgave van de naamlijst van de Pselaphinae (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) van België is gebaseerd op literatuur onderzoek. De lijst omvat de referenties naar de originele en latere vermeldingen voor alle 30 soorten van ons land en koppelingen naar 10*10 UTM verspreidingskaarten.

Résumé Une édition provisoire de la liste des Pselaphinae (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) de Belgique basée sur la littérature est fournie. Cette liste inclut les références aux citations originales et à certaines citations subséquentes des 30 espèces de notre pays ainsi qu'un lien à leurs cartes de distribution sur un quadrillage UTM 10*10 km.

Keywords: Pselaphinae, checklist, distribution maps, Belgium



Contineously being revised.

Systematic species list

A provisional edition of the checklist of Pselaphinae (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) from Belgium based on a literature survey is provided. The list includes the references to the original and several subsequent quotations for all 30 species from our country and a link to their distribution maps on a 10*10 km UTM grid. The checklist is a systematic list of valid taxon names with reference to the original authority, followed by the revision authority, if applicable. Each name follows the original orthography and mentions the original genus. The valid taxon names are ordered phylogenetically up to the rank of genus. The species valid names are ordered alphabethically within each genus. However, the references to the unidentified species are listed first. In each species, the references to the quotations are ordered chronologically, according to the traditional presentation of zoological catalogs (i.e. the name in this original spelling and combination; the cases of original invalid use of homonyms or incorrect spellings are indicated respectively by nec and sic). Synonyms, homonyms (cf. 'nec'), incorrect spellings (cf. 'sic') are ordered chronologically for each species. Whenever the original publication was verified, the page reference is mentioned following the publication date. (cf. 'yyyy:pp'; e.g. '1902:8'). In case the genus was not explicitly mentioned in the referenced publication, it is indicated by '...'. Publication dates are not always mentioned in such case.

Abbreviations used in the species list
 ?tentative species determination
 cfconfer species
 eerroneous species determination
 grgroup species
 iosincorrect original spelling
 issincorrect subsequent spelling
 spundefined species

A preliminary distribution map is provided for each species. The maps record the presence of all species in a 10 x 10 km UTM grid. Records published before 1950 are indicated with open symbols, records published after 1950 are indicated with solid symbols.
The maps are produced with the mapping module of the modular software package Inventar 1.3, intended to keep track of data collected by nature monitoring projects and data of collections of natural objects. Inventar is developed by Jan de Boer and it is distributed by Mistletoe Information, Maastricht, the Netherlands.
Click on the species name to open the associated species distribution map. Note that the available distribution data is rather sparse for most species and that several records can be added still.

Classis Insecta Linnæus, 1758

Ordo Coleoptera

Familia Staphylinidae

Subfamilia Pselaphinae Latreille, 1802

Genus Bibloporus Thomson, 1861

Species bicolor Denny, 1825

Species minutus Raffray, 1914

Species mayeti Guillebeau, 1888

Genus Bibloplectus Reitter, 1882

Species spinosus Raffray, 1914

Species ambiguus (Reichenbach, 1816)

Species minutissimus (Aubé, 1833)

Species pusillus (Denny, 1825)

Genus Euplectus Leach, 1817

Species nanus (Reichenbach, 1816)

Species kirbyi Denny, 1825

Species piceus Motschulsky, 1835

Species decipiens Raffray, 1910

Species infirmus Raffray, 1910

Species sanguineus Denny, 1825

Species signatus (Reichenbach, 1816)

Species validus Besuchet, 1958

Species punctatus Mulsant, 1861

Species karsteni (Reichenbach, 1816)

Species fauveli Guillebeau, 1888

Species brunneus Grimmer, 1841

Genus Grammoplectus Jeannel, 1950

Species spinolae (Aubé, 1844)

Genus Plectophloeus Parys, MA, 1862:178

Species erichsoni (Aubé, 1844)

Species nubigena (Reitter, 1876)

Species fischeri (Aubé, 1833)

Genus Trimium Aubé, 1833

Species brevicorne (Reichenbach, 1816)

Genus Trichonyx Chaudoir, 1845

Species sulcicollis (Reichenbach, 1816)

Genus Amauronyx Reitter, 1881

Species maerkeli (Aubé, 1844)

Genus Batrisus Aubé, 1833

Species formicarius (Aubé, 1833)

Genus Batrisodes Reitter, 1881

Species venustus (Reichenbach, 1816)

Species oculatus (Aubé, 1833)

Genus Tychobythinus Ganglbauer, 1896

Species glabratus (Rye, 1870)

Species belgicus Jeannel, 1948

Genus Bythinus Leach, 1817

Species macropalpus Aubé, 1833

Species burrelli Denny, 1825

Species securiger (Reichenbach, 1816)

Genus Bryaxis Kugelan, 1794

Species impressa Panzer

Species puncticollis (Denny, 1825)

Species laminata (Motschulsky, 1836)

Species carinula Rey, 1888

Species curtisi (Leach, 1817)

Species bulbifer (Reichenbach, 1816)

Species clavicornis (Panzer, 1806)

Genus Tychus Leach, 1817

Species niger (Paykull, 1800)

Genus Brachygluta Thomson, 1859

Species fossulata (Reichenbach, 1816)

Species guillemardi (Saulcy, 1874)

Species lefebvrei (Aubé, 1833)

Species xanthoptera (Reichenbach, 1816)

Species haematica (Reichenbach, 1816)

Species perforata (Aubé, 1833)

Species haemoptera (Aubé, 1844)

Species helferi (Schmidt, 1836)

Genus Reichenbachia Leach, 1826

Species juncorum Leach, 1817

Genus Trissemus Jeannel, 1949

Species impressus (Panzer, 1803)

Genus Pselaphaulax Reitter, 1909

Species dresdensis (Herbst, 1792)

Genus Pselaphus Herbst, 1792

Species heisei Herbst, 1792

Genus Chennium Latreille, 1807

Species bituberculatum Latreille, 1807

Genus Tyrus Aubé, 1833

Species mucronatus (Panzer, 1803)

Genus Claviger Preissler, 1790

Species longicornis Müller, 1818

Species testaceus Preyssler, 1790

Genus Rybaxis Saulcy, 1876

Species longicornis (Leach, 1817)




The senior author would like to thank her husband Clemens van den Brink for his support.


Loci Pselaphinae Belgica.