July 05, 2002


Progymnasium Rosenfeld is a Highschool in the Land of Bade-Wurtemberg, Germany. The school was founded 1552 and its 450th anniversary is being commemorated this month, July 2002.

A very special guest to this celebration was astronaut Peggy Whitson, KC5ZTD talking from the ISS with the schools' amateur radio club station DN1SZA, July 3. Students, teachers, guests and media were delighted to hear the astronaut answering the operators' questions while the spaceship cruised over the Black Forest in Western Germany.

For ten minutes, the voice from space filled the place as clearly and distinctly as if the distinguished guest was there in person, addressing the audience from the stage. Peggy Whitson answered 16 questions. "It's wonderful to feel comfortable in any attitude and it's amazing how the body can adapt so well", she said. She also explained how she managed to strap herself to the wall when preparing for sleep. Just before the spaceship went over the horizon, Peggy Whitson said she had found the questions most interesting and added how happy she was to have done the contact.

The German TV station SWR (Suedwestdeutscher Rundfunk) and the newspaper of the Black Forest (Schwarzwaelder Bote) covered the event and interviewed the operators, the students and the teachers. Amateur Radio and especially ARISS were in the limelight.

Happy birthday to you Progymnasium Rosenfeld, and many happy returns.