Curriculum Vitae


C. Van Goeystraat 57

B-2070 Zwijndrecht


° Moorsel (Aalst), January 17, 1959


High School: Latijn Wetenschappen (1971-1977)

      St. Maarteninstituut

      Esplanade 6

      9300 Aalst

College:          Katholieke Industriële Hogeschool Oost-Vlaanderen (K.I.H.O.) (1977-1981)

      Marialand 31

      B-9000 Gent


      Diploma Industriëel Ingenieur Electronica (onderscheiding)

     BS degree (hons.) in electronics, 1981

Post-University Studies:

                    Postuniversitair Centrum Limburg (Diepenbeek)

                                    Master of Information Technology Management (hons.), 1993

                    Postacademic Interuniversity Course, Telecommunications (Imec)

                             Mobile and satellite communication, 1997-1999


                    Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish.
                    Elementary knowledge of Italian.
                    Limited beginners knowledge of Russian and Chinese.

Military service

                    KROO (kandidaat reserve onderofficier) in the Centre for Transmissions,
                    Weiden Headquarters (Köln) (September 1981 – April 1982), where I was
                    supervisor of telex room operators, and responsible for maintenance and repair.


WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Joined Alcatel Bell (Bell-ITT) in November 1982, after 6 months of working for GTE-ATEA (Herentals) as a card test designer for telephony exchanges.

LSI test engineer from 1982 to 1985 in the Gent plant of Bell-ITT:

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Enhanced the accuracy and greatly improved the resolution of spreading resistance measurements.

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Investigations on Capacitance-Voltage measurements with non-destructive mercury probes.

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Follow-up of production quality through oxide thickness and level of impurity measurements, junction breakdown voltages etc.

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Assisted in test-labo start-up for Mietec Oudenaarde in February, March 1985.

From April 1985 to March 1998: development engineer in the Space & Defence division:

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Software development for testing the RF-subsystem of the ERS-1 satellite, in co-operation with C.I.R. (Gals, Switzerland) (Two weeks of on-site integration) and Thomson Alcatel Espace (Toulouse, France).

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Designed and developed software for Meteosat Data Dissemination ground station Michelstadt (Germany) (One week of on-site integration).

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Developed software for Reference Measurements and Calibrations on ERS-1 ground-station Kiruna (Sweden) + five months of on-site integration and test.

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Involved in application study for the Vegetation payload of SPOT 4.

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Designed & developed software for testing the Advanced Gradient Heating Facility (AGHF) payload of Spacelab. Installation and integration at Dornier GmbH, Friedrichshafen (Germany).

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Designed & developed software for testing IEEE cards on modulators, demodulators and down-converters and for testing Ranging Units.

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Developed software for automated testing of High Performance Data Demodulators.

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Designed & developed software for testing the MIR Infrared Atmosphere Spectrometer (MIRAS) in close co-operation with BIRA (Ukkel) and ETCA (Charleroi). One week on-site assistance at IKI (Institute for Cosmic Investigations) (Moskou).

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Was involved in development & coding of embedded software for the MARK-II High Performance Data Demodulators.

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Designed & developed software for the SPOT4 RTCM (régulation thermique et contrôle des moteurs). Assisted in integration at Aérospatiale, Cannes (France).

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Developed & integrated RTWorks application software for the SPOT4 VEGETATION MCDT (Moyens de Conduite De Test). Five weeks of training and development at Talarian (Mountain View, CA., USA). Several operator training missions at Aérospatiale Cannes.

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Project management and software development for SRIV (système de réception d’images végétation for the SPOT4 ground-station Kiruna).

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Was responsible for Configuration & Display Equipment for the Columbus Attached Pressurised Module EGSE, and for configuring Cisco routers and (sub) network development.

From March 1998 to December 2002: design engineer Mobile Communications Division

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Conversion of assembler modules to C for the Columbus project.

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) As a member of the Data team (from 1999 onwards), responsible for data and data-dictionary production and web maintenance. Greatly reduced the lead-time by automating several processes through unix scripts and C programs.

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Team-leader of Data team since mid 2000, and responsible for implementing and tracking of data-model changes.  Also involved in steer-file development for DLS population.

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Full DLS production know-how transfer to Shanghai (june-july 2002)

From January 2003 to January 2004: design engineer Network Services Management (IP-division)

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) MPLS traffic engineering application development in Java.

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Configuring Cisco Scalable Networks.

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Administration of Oracle Database.

From February 2004 to November 2005: system engineer AWS (ADSL Work Station division)

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Performance Measurements (PM) specification.

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Q3 - SNMP infomodel production.

From December 2005 to November 2007: system tool support engineer Modem Interop Test Team

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) maintain and enhance Distributed Architecture for Test Automation (DATAtool).

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) startup design for oracle DSL_RESULT_PLATFORM database, guidance of consultant and internal employee

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) maintenance of Sun Solaris workstations, system administration Solaris 6, 8, 10

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) startup guidance for converting DATAtool to Tcl/Tk

From December 2007 onwards: system tool support engineer Hardware Team

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Mentor/Valor tool support (mainly perl)

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) design and develop web-based oracle database for team activity reporting

WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) tbd

Other skills

Basic or more advanced knowledge through professional experience and more than hundred courses in the Alcatel University Antwerp (the former Bell Education Centre) and external courses:

Computer interfacing techniques; Packet switching; PLL (phase locked loops); RTWorks; Unix operating system; Solaris2 operating system concepts and tuning; Multithreading, C/C++; Java; Database courses, Operating systems, specialist in HP RMB (Rocky Mountain Basic); digital communications (Sklar), optical communications, microwave techniques, TCP/IP; MPLS; etc.

MS Office software (Access, Excel, Word, Visual Basic, Powerpoint, FrontPage), html, Interleaf, unix scripting, Tcl/Tk etc.

Cisco networks configuration.

Oracle database administration.


          WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Reading scientific literature

          WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Chess

          WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Participating to and organizing of quizzes

          WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Archaeology and ancient history

          WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Astronomy

          WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Repairing electric/electronic appliances, maintenance of the house (carpentry, masonry…)

          WB01519_.gif (662 bytes) Former Cessna student pilot


Zwijndrecht, February 14, 2008.

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