Welcome to my Medal of honor fan page! This game is now more then 10 years old! and some people are still playing this game! That's insane if you think about how old this game is.


Gamespy has shut down in April 2014, XFire has shut down in 2015. Yet people keep on playing! Some even refuse to play anything else and call it a legend. Check out this youtube tribute video of Maxi_NL.

New gametypes have been created by the community. Like freeze tag. Are you bored of the default stock map rotation? take a look at the Custom maps section!

Default servers

Here is a list of non realism servers that are still active: ->MFC<- Free-For-All, Default ->MFC<- FUN FUN Free-For All ={OMG}= Public Freezetag Server

You can use the HLSW Game server browser to see the amount of players on the servers above and to join that game.