For those among you who are also writers (aspiring or published), you can become a member of Nickie's Circle, a group I've created with MSN. Just surf to: and join!

October 2003

I've been to a photo session for the cover of my new book. Very exciting!

September 2003

I have signed a contract with Publish America for the publication of my second book, "Diamonds for the Devil". The book will be out by next year.

August 2003

Been away on holiday (one of the advantages of being a teacher!). Nothing special, but some nice reviews and comments from readers are coming in.

July 2003

My book, "Shadow of the Past" is again for sale as an e-book. If you'd like to download it for only $4.95, surf to: and enjoy! The company is located in Malaysia.

June 2003

I've ended my contract with SunnySide Up Publishing. Therefore, please don't order my books from them!

May 2003

Momentarily, I am very busy trying to get myself an agent, who could represent me in the USA or UK. It's not so easy! I've contacted a lot of agents already, but as of yet, no result. I won't give up, though!

April 2003

I've just started on the sequel to "Diamonds for the Devil." This book will be titled "The Curse of the Diamonds," and I've completed the opening chapters. The action is set in the mid-18th century in France, Scotland, England and America.

March 2003

Great news! "Shadow of the Past" will be available in paperback very soon! It's being published by More information and details on how to order this book are coming soon.


February 2003

I've got a new job! My friend and colleague, Luc Deflo, has asked me to be his agent. He hopes to begin to sell his books in the USA and in the UK.


January 2003

"Shadow of the Past" is my first published book. I have another manuscript ready entitled, "Diamonds for the Devil." Personally, I think this is much better than "Shadow," and I hope to negotiate a better contract for it. This may take some time however. "Diamonds" has all a reader could want: romance, suspense, mystery and adventure!



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