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Just like everybody, I have my own favourite writers. Some of them are gracious enough to answer my questions, and I want to share these with friends and visitors.

This month's interview is with Janet Evanovich. She is the bestselling author of the "Plum Series" which begins with "One for the Money," "Two for the Dough" and so far goes all the way up to "Hard Eight." The main character of this series is Stephanie Plum, a fiesty, fashion-challenged, yet determined bounty hunter in Trenton, New Jersey, USA...better known as the "Burg." Janet has sold millions of copies of her books and averages about a million hits per month on her website.

1. When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I started writing in my young 30s. Before that I was a painter. I loved creating, but felt like my audience as a painter was very limited. I didn't want to create for myself, I wanted to create for others. That's when I discovered writing.

2. Did it take long for you to find a publisher for your first book?

10 years!

3. How was "One for the Money" received by the public?

Those that could find the book, seemed to like it. The print run wasn't too big.

4. "One for the Money," "Two for the Dough," "Three to get Deadly,"...are you an Elvis fan?

I like Elvis, but the titles sort of happened by accident.

5. Does Trenton resemble the town where you grew up?

Very much. That is why I picked the "Burg" as the location for Stephanie Plum.

6. How important are your fans' reactions to your books? For example, you let them choose the titles of your latest books.

Reader's opinions are very important to me. The Plum series is about fun, and if readers aren't having fun or feeling good when they are done with a Plum book, then its time to move on.

7. Is the character of Stephanie Plum based on a person you actually know?

Stephanie has a lot of me and my daughter, Alex, in her.

8. Stephanie has a hamster and a dog. Do you have pets as well?

My kids had hamsters while they were growing up. We've also always had dogs, cats, birds and any other lost animal that found it's way to our home. Once we took in a lost ferret until we could find it's owner.

9. Can you tell us is Stephanie is ever going to choose between Morelli and Ranger? Or will she even get another boyfriend?

Nope. Can't tell you!

10. Do you have your own favorites in the detective/thriller genre?

I like books by Lisa Scottoline, Elmore leonard, and Robert Parker.


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