1. How did you get to know Janet Evanovich, and start co-authoring with her?

Janet and I have been friends since before flushable tampons, and we both have this wacko sense of humour that will probably land us in a padded cell one day. When Janet decided to rewrite one of her earlier romances and use it to kick off a new series – honestly, her fans couldn’t get enough of her – she asked me to co-author it. We’ve had a blast doing it, and the reader response has been overwhelming.

2. Does being a co-author make you a better writer?

I’ve enjoyed working with both Janet and Jen Enderlin, the editor at St. Martin’s. These women know their stuff, and I’m a better writer today because of them.

3. How long do you plan to go with the series?

Who knows how long the series will last? Girls just wanna have fun, right?

4. You have also written novels as a single author?

Yes, I’ve been writing on my own for some 20 years now, have 35 books to my credit. I decided to try writing when my ex-husband moved me 1100 miles away from my nearest living relative – to Kansas, of all places., where there was about three feet of snow on the ground. He travelled extensively, which meant I had a lot of free evenings. So I gave it a try.

5. Were you successful in your attempt?

My first category romance did not sell, but I was fortunate to sell my second to Bantam’s Loveswept line where I continued to write for a number of years before going single-title.

6. How did your career turn out?

I’ve had ups and downs just like all authors. Fortunately, I’ve learned a lot. The hard times make us more appreciative of the good ones. I take nothing for granted.

7. Did you get support from your family?

My family has always supported my endeavours. I think my neighbours find it odd that I spend so much time in my house, but I don’t have time to socialize which is a serious drawback.

8. Do you ever get a black-out?

If I had to wait for inspiration I’d be screwed. The fear of an approaching deadline is what works for me!

9. Is the town of Beaumont a lot like the place where you actually live?

I live in Beaufort, South Carolina. Although Beaumont is a fictional town, I draw a lot from my area because it’s what I know best and because I’m too damn lazy to do research.

10. Care to share with us whom your favourite authors are?

Naturally, Janet is a personal favourite. I’m guaranteed a fast-paced, laugh-out-loud read when I pick up one of her Plum novels. I am a big fan of Southern authors too – Harper Lee, Eudora Welty, just to name a couple.


© 2005 Nickie Fleming/Jansan