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With special thanks to Ms. Caroline Bartholomeaux, President of Numa, who was so kind to present these questions to Mr Cussler.

1. When did you find out you wanted to be a writer?

I always enjoyed daydreaming; writing came along after I was in advertising for 20 years.

2. How long did it take you before your first book got published?

I started writing in 1965 part-time and it was published in 1973.

3. How was it received by the public, and by the critics?

I sold less than 3000 books. The critics did not even notice it!

4. How well do you handle criticism?

Pretty well since I dish out as well.

5. Do you need a lot of research for each novel?

That is why they take so long. I spend about a year doing research before I even begin writing.

6. How long does it take you to write and finish each novel?

About two years for the Dirk Pitt adventures.

7. Your own life resembles that of your hero Dirk Pitt. Do you look upon him as a kind of son?

Well, he came to life in my son Dirk’s room when Dirk was a toddler. No, I look at Dirk Pitt as an alter ego. We were both 35 when I started writing; now I’m 71 and he’s 42; something is wrong with this picture!!!

8. Do you intend to go on with the Dirk Pitt series? Pitt is getting older each year…

“Trojan Oddysey” should be released in December 2003. With any luck, I’ll continue.

9. You are a keen collector of automobiles. Is there any car you still like to purchase?


10. Might we know whom your personal favorite author is?

None in particular.

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