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Troll Links


Article from Mythica  (English)
Article from Encyclopedia of Monsters  - (see also definition of dwarf (English)
The Jotuns - the Trolls' ancestors  (English)
Swedish trolls
The "Trows" of Orkney (English)
Bjergfolket (Danish)
Tomten - about the Swedish pixie

Folklore databases

SOFI, Uppsala
Folklivsarkivet, Lunds Universitet
Dansk Folkemindesamling
There is also a Danish association, Foreningen Danmarks Folkeminder
To be added
University of Iceland

Gimle is an interesting Swedish network in Swedish for ancient Nordic mythology and folklore.
Gimle - nordiskt nätverk för forn sed, nordisk mytologi, gammaltro och folktro

Norwegian databases in Norwegian

Most texts can be quite difficult to read if you don't know Norwegian, and one dialect can seem very remote from another, but still worth the try.

Kjempe- og trollballadar (Ballads of Giants and Trolls)
Norsk Folkeminnesamling - Vandresagnkatalogen Various stories and legends, also about trolls

Fairytales from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland

Troll in Norse literature (English)
Various stories from Kvinnherad, Norway (Norwegian)
Two changeling tales from Denmark (English)
The Troll Turned Cat (English) - Danish story
Danish Troll Stories 1 (Danish)
Danish Troll Stories 2 (Danish)
Askeladden som kappåt med trollet (Norwegian)


19th Century Literature in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian
Det høie Spil. Et Eventyr (1820) by B.S.Ingemann (1789-1862) (Danish)
Elverhøj (1845) by Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875) (Danish)
The Elfin Hill (same as above) (English)
Bjergtagen(1868) by M.A.Goldschmidt (1819-1887) (Danish)
Bortbytingen(1915) by Selma Lagerlöf(1858-1940) (Swedish)
Norske Sagn og Eventyr by Asbjørnsen and Moe (Norwegian)
The Hall of the Dovre Trolls from Peer Gynt (1867) by Henrik Ibsen(1828-1906) (English/Norwegian)

Scandinavian Painters:

John Bauer (1882-1918)
John Bauer's Museum, Sweden  (Swedish/English/German)
Best all-round introduction to Bauer's life and art  (English)
Best online exhibition of Bauer's paintings of troll  (Swedish/English)

Theodore Kittelsen (1857-1914)
Gallery with his work
More info about Kittelsen and a story in English about Askeladden

Erik Werenskiold (1855-1938)
An introduction (English)

Louis Moe (1857-1945)
About Louis Moe  (Norwegian)

Hasse Bredenberg
Paintings of pixies and trolls

Tove Jansson (1914-2001)
Moomin illustrations - thumbnail gallery
Wikipedia's article about her (English)

Rolf Lidberg (dead 2005)
Troll mural
Trollbyn - visit Lidberg's home town with its troll cafe and more.

Related Sites

Norwegian folktales and myths

Online Troll Painters

Wenche Skjöndal - Norwegian troll painter with beautiful online gallery, many original troll motifs

Romantisk Ljusfångst - Swedish blog with beautiful and inspiring troll related photos.

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