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Beppe Wolgers

Beppe Wolgers, Swedish poet and writer, wrote and directed the story of Dunderklumpen, a Swedish troll in the mountainous region of Jämtland. Dunderklumpen is sitting in the front end of the boat on the picture below:

Here is a scan of a postcard from the release of the movie, drawn and animated by Per Åberg.

Alfred Smedberg (1850-1925)

Swedish writer of fairy tales who is commemorated on this site (only Swedish). He wrote a famous children's song about gnomes, but also various fairy tales about Scandinavian folklore creatures, incl. "Trollen och tomtepojken" (The trolls and the gnome boy) which was published in Bland tomtar och troll in 1909 with the following wonderful illustration by John Bauer. There is a German translation online, but any English?

The story is about a gnome boy who listens to the old gnomes' stories about adventurous visits to the trolls' mountain, goes there himself but only escapes with great difficulty.

Karin Fryxell (1911-2003)

Swedish Children's book writer, famous (in Sweden) for her troll stories, illustrated with photographs of troll dolls made by herself. She created the two troll characters named Sotlugg and Linlugg..
You can read more here

Dines Skafte Jespersen

Danish children book's writer, famous for the series Troldepus which is still being reprinted. Troldepus lives in the forest with his father and mother and can speak all the languages of the animals. He has a small white magic pin which he can use to go anywhere and become either big or small.

Here is one typical cover:

P. C. Asbjørnsen and J. E. Moe

Norway's Grimm Brothers - P. C. Asbjørnsen (1812-1885) and J. E. Moe (1813-1882)
Collectors of Norwegian folklore, published the now classic collection, Norske Folkeeventyr, at first collecting independently and later joined forces and published jointly. A & M used simple language in their tales rather than any of the many regional dialects which at that time had not been standardised to a modern Norwegian. They also cleaned up some of the language in the original tales - thus the character Askeladden. who outsmarts trolls, was popularly known as Askefisen (the latter part meaning "fart"). Their collections were published in various editions betw. 1837 and 1852. Widely translated. The stories' original illustrators were Th. Kittelsen, Erik Werenskiold, P. N. Arbo and others who are today better known for their landscape paintings. When A & M first saw Kittelsen's trolls they thought children might find them too scary, but fortunately they respected Kittelsen's vision.

Here is a troll from the 1895 edition (artist unknown):

Look for the following book in your local library if you live in an English-speaking country:
Norwegian Fairy Tales: From the Collection of Asbjornsen and Moe

Illustration by Th. Kittelsen from Asbjørnsen and Moe's fairy tales

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