Troll Flora

Many plants and natural phenomena have since prehistoric times been associated with the supernatural world, some because of their danger, others because of their aesthetic or unaesthetic appearance, some connected to myths/folklore. Here are a few such plants either related to trolls or containing the word "troll" in its wider sense in their names:

Troll Berry, at least in Swedish known as Trollbär (Lat. Solanum Dulcamara).
It is not to be eaten.

(from Kotimaan Luonto Opas)

And here a mushroom (Fuligo septica) known as "Troll Butter"

(picture copyright

As mentioned by Ebbe Schön in Svensk Folktro A-Ö this mushroom was once believed to be butter spillt during evil witches' "magical milking" intended to drain the farmers' milk cows of their milk. The "troll" element in this name thus refers to magic rather than to the troll creature.

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