Svenolov Ehrén (1927-2004)

Graphic artist, illustrator of a lovely book from 1961 by Ann-Sofi and Christer Topelius, retelling old fairytales about various supernatural creatures, incl. the devil himself. The book is called Jättar och Troll i Sverige ("Giants and Trolls in Sweden") and is now very rare. I will exhibit other illustrations by Ehrén elsewhere on

Here is Ehrén's graphic interpretation of a folktale from 1490 where trolls offer a young knave a goblet with poisonous wine, hoping to capture him that way (this is a well-known story in many parts of Scandinavia). You can read it here.

And here is his version of the story of the giant Finn who helped build Lund Cathedral, a story also mentioned here.

Albert Jærn

Norwegian illustrator and graphic artist, active before World War II, here with a graphically strong version of Asbjørnsen and Moe's classic fairy tale The Three Billy Goats Gruff:

Hans Gerhard Sørensen (1923-1999)

Wonderful Norwegian book illustrator, famous for his woodprints - also of Scandinavia's supernatural world. In 1958 he illustrated Jonas Lie's story collection Troll.

Here is one of his many troll and tusse creatures hiding behind a tree:

Also check out my blog about the Nix for two prints of that particular creature.

Bjarne Walle (1911-1989)

Well-known Norwegian wood carver, here with a funny beer-drinking troll from the mid-20th century:

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