Troll Sculpture, Fløjen, Bergen

Who is the artist behind this lovely troll sculpture which sits on the top of Fløjen Mountain in Bergen, Norway?

Floejen Troll, Bergen, Norway

Arne Bang (1901-1983)

Danish sculpturer and ceramicist, best known for his sculpture of the so-called Fladså-trold in Næstved, Southern Sealand, a troll who was very angry at the loud church bells in the town and decided to drown it in sand, but on his way to the town, the sand fell out of his sack and created a big hill. The troll now guards the town hall.

Niels Aas (1933-2004)

Norwegian sculpturer famous for his Troll, Kollen-Trollet (2002), outside Oslo:

This troll has its own homepage here

Niels Hansen-Jacobsen (1861-1941)

("Troll Scenting Christian Blood" from 1896)

Danish sculptor occupied with the Underworld, rather seen in biblical than folklore terms. World famous in the small Jutland town of Vejen.

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