Nils Bergslien (1853-1928)

Norwegian painter/illustrator with his own museum here who drew Norwegian pixies and trolls like Dovre Gubben below, the famous troll said to reside in the Dovre Fjell in the cold interior of mid-Norway and whom Henrik Ibsen invented in his play Peer Gynt. This troll looks quite similar to Bergslien's pixies and very different from later Norwegian trolls:

And here's a painting from 1877 called "Matauk hos trollen" or "Food gathering among the trolls":

Brian Pilkington

Icelandic illustrator of British origin, well-known for his illustrations to Icelandic Trolls, that has been translated to many languages.
Here is one example of his cute and funny trolls:

Inger Edelfeldt (born 1956)

Swedish illustrator and writer of children books, adult books and comic books plus more. Also known for her illustrations of Tolkien's universe. Very intelligent writer and very talented artist. Here are two drawings of her funny trolls, the pink being a "no troll" and the yellow a "yes troll" (both from 2002):

Torbjörn Egner

Fun Norwegian writer and illustrator, the creator of the following two tooth trolls, well-known from Scandinavian television:

Egner Trolls
Lots more to come!

Hugo Hamilton (1849-1928)

A Swedish poet of nonsense poetry who also drew troll pictures to illustrate some of his funny poems (not translated), found in the book För barn och barnbarn (1925). Here is one example of both his drawing and writing skills (in Swedish):

"Tumpar du i kallimallivandra?"
sa det fõrsta trollet till det andra.
"Nej, men linkelunk har buritörsta",
sa det andra trollet till det första.
Det var inte underligt minsann,
att de inte alls förstod varann!

(In the poem one troll asks a nonsensical question to another troll who then gives an equally nonsensical answer and the poet states he is not surprised at all that the two trolls don't understand each other).

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