Icelandic painters

Asgrimur Jonsson (1876-1958)

Great icelandic painter of landscapes and the Norse underworld.

First his famous "The Night Troll at the Window":

Then two watercolours of strong and aggressive trolls fighting respectively a horseman and each other, reflecting the incredibly rough nature on Iceland:

And two fighting troll women:

Finally, here is a drawing of the so-called Mjóafjardarskessan, the Giantess of Mjol Fiord in Eastern Iceland, who according to legend would appear at the local church every christmas eve, presumably annoyed with the service, and make a terrible noise that would agitate the priest so much that he would run out to stop her. She would then take him to her home in a nearby gorge and eat him. Finally, one priest was able to chase her away by having 6 armed men bar the church door while ringing all the church bells. She made a hole in the church wall and swore that it would never be whole again. Here is Asgrimur Jonsson's picture of this giantess with the skeleton of one of her captured priests in her arms - almost like a baby:

And one more mountain troll from the Icelandig folktale Bukolla, showing Jonsson's great drawing skills:

Brian Pilkington

Icelandic illustrator of British origin, well-known for his illustrations to Icelandic Trolls, that has been translated to many languages.
Here is one example of his cute and funny trolls:

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