Welcome to the Internet's largest and constantly expanding troll art gallery for inspiration and admiration. Now with 72 classic Scandinavian troll painters, most of whom have used the troll to explore and celebrate difference and otherness. They came up with quite different 'inner trolls', however, some cute and friendly, others ugly and scary, but somehow one cannot help wishing that they really exist... Please notice that this gallery only covers professional Scandinavian troll artists, especially before 1960 albeit with a few later exceptions.

Ib Spang Olsen (1921-2012)

Danish illustrator, who was a great friend of and never forgot the dirty, rugged naked man-eating troll of early folklore.despite a very busy career spanning many decades.

Here is one of his (as usual quite scary and hairy and very un-Bauersque) trolls:

Plus a smirky couple:

and another scruffy troll from his and Halfdan Rasmussen's now classic ABC:

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