Herman Stilling (1925-1996)

Danish painter who spent most of his life painting and writing about trolls. You can see his work in his own museum, the Herman Stilling Museum in Copenhagen. Stilling's trolls may seem 'arty' at first sight, but are closely related to both Asger Jorn's and Lundbye's Danish trolls - which are clearly projections of the artists themselves, stripped bare of civilisation and modernity - all that is left is their pure natural, instinctual, maybe even sensual being as "trolls". Or that is at least how I choose to interpret them.

Here is one his paintings, borrowed from the above site, called "Red Troll":

Another one simply entitled "A Troll" (1976):

And here is a painting from 1969 of a resting troll:

A small "Troll in Forest":

Hermann Stilling Trold i Skov

A troll and a mermaid:

Here's an engraving from 1950 called "Troll which digests" (notice the human inside him):

And finally a troll girl by the name of Emma from one of his funny troll stories:

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