Expressionist Troll Painters

Asger Jorn (1914-1973), Richard Mortensen (1910-1993) and the Dutch painter Lucebert (1924-1994) were all modernist painters painting in an expressive style.

Asger Jorn returned to the subject of troll several times through his career, celebrating the childhood vision, using oil and lithography instead of crayon to visualise the uncivilised monsters that World War II and the Cold War revoked.

First Trold (1955):

And here is one called Trolden og fuglene (The Troll and the Birds) from 1948 (the troll is on the left side):


A second Danish abstract painter that also touched on the subject of troll in the development of his abstract language was Richard Mortensen. Here is a great example of a traditional violent troll rendered in a modern visual language:

Richard Mortensen Trold

Finally, a great gouache from 1973 by Lucebert called "Trolls":

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