The event of the 21st century or just your ordinary party? Whatever the case is, October 4th meant more than
the European launch of Super Mario Sunshine on Gamecube ... the first edition of JozzFest was held that day.

To celebrate the 18th birthday of Julian De Backer, that was. Enjoy the pix.



Amanda and Anita Duran, with Jan Van Liempt (what's in a name?) between 'em. Yes, he's scary. I didn't invite 'em ... :)

Thomas Valkaert and Steven Moeyersons, enjoying ne frissen Ice Tea. Cheers, mateys!

Charlotte Nyssens and Marieke Saerens.

Dieter "Fritz" Schwerdtfeger and Karel "Gates" Crombecq.

Elke Dick and Johan Marley kissin'. It's cute and so thinks Sofie.

Frederik Kazam, hiding from the press. "Stop! Give me my privacy!", he shouted.

Fredje Cigarettje.

Hanne Truyens and Koen Stevin. In love. Aww, isn't that sweet?

Jan FromDaPale and Sofie De Fleurquin. No, they're not together. "I want to!" begged Jan. Sorry mate, she's taken.

Almost ...

... Karen Dick and Stijn. Prize for "Kissin' Kouple (KK) of the evening".

Marieke and Charlotte (again).

Michael Flashdance and Veronika Sjinkarenko.

Sofie drank too much wine. Here, she's ... uhm, nevermind.

Sofie and Elke. Elke sang : "Sofie, you're my best friend, through thick and thin, we'll always be together ...". How lovely.

Stephanie and Anita. Jawohl, mein Herr!

Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg's "Still D.R.E." was blastin' through the speakers. Whadda floorfiller!

Thomas Danckaerts hugs Willem's girlfriend.

... and receives the kickin' he deserves!

Hanne and Stephanie.

Véronique Verschuren and Michel (middle). Elly and Quinten are watching.
Elly : "Whatever, I've stolen their wines (laughs)".
Quinten : "I wish I had a girlfriend".

Wow! W. L., who drank too much, obviously.

Willem, a true Rots in da Branding (©), who helped Julian with the music. All night long. Right now, he's tired. So very tired.

Willem and Karen Vets, choosing the next song.

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