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This page is dedicated to the Englishman Sir Edward Thomason (1769-1849) who had the genial idea to design a corkscrew with double threads. The principle is based on a right hand thread inner shaft inserted in a left handed outer thread. More simply, when you open a bottle of wine, you induce a rotating action to the handle to screw the worm into the cork. But, what is happening when you have to remove the cork…

The ingenuity of Thomason starts here: In place of stopping the rotating movement, you continue rotating the same way and, surprise, the cork is removed from the bottle neck. More than that, if you turn the handle counterclockwise, the cork is ejected… No more delicate manipulations and no more dirty hands.

This amazing invention called more commonly “double action or telescopic” was used until beginning of the XX century. The way those items were manufactured was of a high quality and English factories were highly known for that.

As of a simple structure, or with a complex mechanism, the corkscrew is our companion during feasts. . There is nothing more pleasant than opening a bottle of wine and sharing unforgettable moments with close relatives, friends… But extracting a cork is not always that easy. The “T”-corkscrew requests an intensive effort.

After the patent has come to its end, for instance 14 years later, the manufacturers continued the making of the so called “Thomason”, let’s quote: Dowler, James Heeley, Jones Rodgers, etc…

The “Thomason” was, like the “King’s screw”, produced with an open barrel with two or four pillars. Later, a model with a brass cylindrical closed barrel was manufactured.

Some barrels were quite sober and a crest, showing the lion and the unicorn, with the motto “NE PLUS ULTRA” was added. The manufactures often inserted their name on the crest.

Later, some variation of the barrel appeared, and the barrels were decorated with floral or gothic ornaments (see picture).

Some models, using the Thomason system are still manufactured nowadays.


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