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At the end of the XIX century, the productivity techniques were asserting and the communication means were developed.

In order to promote economical development, a maximum of persons had to be reached. Newspapers, magazines, leaflets, neon signs were perfectly filling their part. But this is not enough, in order to ensure maximum diffusion of a product, the public sectors have to be involved and usual objects are then becoming the undeniable support for advertisement.

Wine, beer and other drinks producers and merchants are soon being interested in this type of advertisement because of its impact on the food & drink sectors. Bars and restaurants are full of persons who take time to relax, and it is during that very moment that people are the most receptive. Nothing is forgotten, from the glass to the tray, from the smallest neon sign to the carafe, from the coaster to ….. the corkscrew.

To ensure the diffusion of their products, merchants were offering glasses and corkscrews, with their advertisement, to bars and restaurants.

The “waiter’s friend” is the most appropriate utensil to wear advertisement because it has the sufficient surface to write the name of the product. Its simple and practical use made it popular within the waiter’s world.

Manufacturers were not satisfied enough with simply engraving their advertisement on an ordinary corkscrew and produced then personalized corkscrews, like the “Picon” (see picture) or the “VAT 69” (see picture).

Hundreds of models were produced and are, with this sole particularity a theme for a collection.


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